How Do You Win An Election When Your Meet/Greet Can’t Get 20 People – Cheat?

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by Thinker

Shouldn’t there be some concern somewhere over a very close vote, by a woman Maxine Waters who has been in office since 2009, and she can’t get more than twenty people to show up for a meet and greet? All those years and who comes??? Those are street girls getting paid to listen are they??? No church community for Waters to call on? The history of the politician/person that wants to represent you should be the first and foremost thing anyone should know before voting for anything.

Mark Dice sharing the video of the grand event, and is going to get his wish of having Maxine Waters still in office, unless someone calls for a recount???

Maxine Waters – “I’m Going To Do To You What You Did To Us”

Maxine Waters calls on the people to create a crime??? (2:02) While the president of the United States was accused by fake media of encouraging violence, Maxine Waters told a group of mostly White people to attack people who support the president. Isn’t that conspiring against a nation??? Where are the Black supporters for a woman who has held a position in government since 2009 and just won to continue the same old thing, that history isn’t showing has had any positive results.


Will there be a recount in the district of Maxine Waters???

Was the count fair???

If you support Trump your not welcome??? – Maxine Waters – “I’m Going To Do To You What You Did To Us”

Waters, listen to the lies, where was she in the past??? How can a politician who calls for the division of the people, and not unity. Who is Maxine Waters working for??? Maxine Waters is a person who should not be allowed to own a gun…what would she do??? She has it all recorded…wake up Black America its all a lie!!! History and the changes in Water’s district speak the “TRUTH” not the words in video below. Who needs to be impeached…no peace…no sleep are the words of Waters. Treason???

What was the response of Jeb Hensarling to the words of Maxine Waters???

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In clash with Waters during committee hearing, Mr. Hensarling spoke the words of a man who is speaking the “TRUTH” treating another they way he would wish to be treated. While Waters seems to care for the homeless and those who lost their homes, what has she really done other than read off of speeches written for her, and deposits her government check. Is someone who has sworn an oath to the people can’t get along with the president of the United States, and is openly showing how they feel, how can there be fair decisions made in the district of Maxine Waters.

How are the Black men of Alternative Media reporting on the words of Maxine Waters???

The Worst Of Maxine Waters, that every Black and White American should know about a strong Black woman from the worst district in California. Here’s 5 reasons why we hope Maxine Waters gets the Democratic nomination for 2020 and keeps Republicans in office.


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