Can’t change the system from the inside

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by sand_puppy

These people understand that they cannot change the system from the inside.  They are profoundly powerless.  I include myself in this group of the powerless.

As a doctor, I cannot prescribe HCQ w Zinc for SC2 in Virginia, for example.  There is no defense against false charges from the FBI, confiscation of property by police, imprisonment and torture on terrorism charges.

I hold a terror that I will die in the hands of a military / police force, also.  And, that there is nothing I can do to affect this.  Powerlessness.

For me (race = white), it is not a race issue, though I do understand that for several minority races it is an order of magnitude worse than I experience.   It is about powerlessness in the face of an uncaring, abusive and unjust system.  (Police, prosecutors, the FBI, banking laws, laws that crush small business, medical research and laws based on profit motive, wars based on fabricated narratives, etc.)  Lying. Lying. Lying.

My personal action choices seem to be:

1)  I can withdraw from the system.  Or,

2)  Burn the system down.

3)  Hunker down and hide (protecting myself and family), secretly hoping the the system is not burnt down and will be there to serve me in the future.

When the pain, terror and rage are big enough, we become willing to kill and die to destroy what threatens us.  Unfortunately, this is the whole system.  The rules have been captured and tweaked for the advantage of the few.

If the system is burnt down, there will not be the food, water, electricity, public safety and many of services that I depend on.   Lots of people will die.  I will be at risk also.

So, am I really ready to burn it down yet?



Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t necessarily represent the views of IWB.


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