Carter Page Setup By FBI – He Was FBI Employee – FBI Told FISA COURT HE WAS A RUSSIAN SPY.

by Ruby Henley
If you were shocked when the FISA MEMO dropped, you will drop to the floor when you read this.
Carter Page was an undercover FBI agent, who helped to bring down a Russian spy ring.  Later, the FBI used him and set him up by telling the FISA COURT he was a Russian spy.  While working as an undercover agent to bring down the Russian spy ring, he met with the Russians, of course.  The FBI took those meetings later and used them to make him look like a Russian spy.
The below article explains how he helped bring down the Russian spy ring.
Remember Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York…you know one of the good guys?
Page basically is responsible for one of his wins.  On March 11, 2016, Bharara and his partner, John P. Carlin, Assistant General for National Security, announced that Evgeny Buryakov, aka “Zhenya,” pled guilty to conspiring to act in the US as an agent of the Russian Federation.  
Bharara said:  ““An unregistered intelligence agent, under cover of being a legitimate banker, gathers intelligence on the streets of New York City, trading coded messages with Russian spies who send the clandestinely collected information back to Moscow.  This sounds like a plotline for a Cold War-era movie, but in reality, Evgeny Buryakov pled guilty today to a federal crime for his role in just such a scheme.  More than two decades after the end of the Cold War, Russian spies still seek to operate in our midst under the cover of secrecy.  But in New York, thanks to the work of the FBI and the prosecutors in my office, attempts to conduct unlawful espionage will not be overlooked.  They will be investigated and prosecuted.”
Assistant Attorney General John P. Carlin said: “Evgeny Buryakov pleaded guilty to covertly working as a Russian agent in the United States without notifying the Attorney General.  Foreign nations who attempt to illegally gather economic and other intelligence information through espionage pose a direct threat to U.S. national security.  The National Security Division will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to identify and hold accountable those who illegally operate as covert agents within the United States.”           
The FBI obtained recordings after Sporyshev attempted to recruit an FBI undercover employee (“UCE-1”), who was posing as an analyst from a New York-based energy company.  Now, “UCE-1” was Carter Page.  I thought he actually was an analyst for an energy company from what I had read about him.  I cannot imagine his life being anything but a living hell when the FBI decided to use him as a Russian spy to get the FISA WARRANT to use against Trump.  They simply turned on him and used his undercover meetings with these Russians to convince a FISA COURT he was a spy.
Have you dropped to the floor yet…I am trying to get up as we speak. This is just too much at one time.  
In response to requests from Sporyshev, UCE-1 provided Sporyshev with binders containing purported industry analysis written by UCE-1 and supporting documentation relating to UCE-1’s reports, as well as covertly placed recording devices.  

Here is the rest of the story:
Carter Page was an FBI Under-Cover Employee in 2013, and remained the primary FBI witness through May of 2016 throughout the case.
If Carter Page was working as a UCE (FBI undercover employee), responsible for the bust of a high level Russian agent in 2013 -and remained a UCE- throughout the court case UP TO May of 2016, how is it possible that on October 21st 2016 Carter Page is put under a FISA Title 1 surveillance warrant as an alleged Russian agent?
Conclusion:  He wasn’t.  The DOJ National Security Division and the FBI Counterintelligence Division, knew he wasn’t.  The DOJ-NSD and FBI  flat-out LIED.
Now, go back to the March 2016 DOJ Press Release of the guilty pleading for Evgeny Buryakov, announced from the New York office:
…”Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and John P. Carlin, Assistant Attorney General for National Security, announced”…
Because “FISA Title I” surveillance authority against a U.S. citizen is so serious (the U.S. government is essentially calling the target a spy), only a few people are authorized to even apply for such surveillance warrants.  One of the four people authorized to make such a filing is the Asst. Attorney General who is head of the National Security Division of the DOJ.  That person is John P Carlin.
The same John P Carlin who, together with the FBI counterintelligence unit, conscripted  Carter Page as an FBI Under-Cover Employee, gains a guilty plea, then turns around and six months later accuses Page of being a Russian Spy.
Why?  Likely because the DOJ-NSD and FBI CoIntel needed to find a legal way to spy on the Trump campaign. The 2016 FISA Title 1 surveillance of former FBI employee Carter Page became that legal way. ["The Insurance Policy”]
This is more than shocking, and I am speechless at this point.  However, I had to get this out as soon as possible.
Thanks to the fabulous Tracy Beanz for her video.  During the live viewing of that video, she was cut off and a loud buzz replaced her voice.  God bless her.

The fabulous Tracy Beanz: