CFR (case fatality rate) is most likely around 7%!

Chris Martinsen’s new video shows they are calculating the CFR around 7%!

That’s CRAZY! And this thing hasn’t even gotten started!

AND he supports defunding the WHO!

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Peak Prosperity, Released on 4/17/20

Dear Lord, is this going to be over soon? So many of us are exhausted by the national lockdown and hoping we can all just get back to “normal” soon. So, will we be able to? Likely not, says Chris. Which means we need to be planning for the future we’re actually entering, not the one we wish we had. Too many individuals and governments are still making decisions based on false hopes, not actual data. Bad decisions = bad outcomes. In today’s video, Chris gives example after example of people cracking under the strain of covid-19 and making things worse, not better. We need to be courageous and realistic if we want to get through this trying time intact.




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