Chairman Of House Oversight Committee Says They Are Ready To Bring Charges Against Hillary.

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by Pamela Williams
Jason Chaffetz, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee says they are ready to bring charges against Hillary Clinton! He says the evidence is extensive, and he wants to public to know this. Chaffetz is a good man who has honestly worked for the American people on many important issues. He is no dishonest coward like so many in government office.
He says he can charge Hillary with obstruction of justice and lying to the FBI, AND HE IS DEMANDING ACTION BY LAW ENFORCEMENT.
When she was testifying before the House Committee on Benghazi, her answers were in direct conflict with the findings of the FBI four times. As far as the FBI goes, James Comey, who did not charge Hillary after the FBI investigation is being attacked by his colleagues. He is not walking away from his investigation of Hillary’s private email server and her mishandling of classified information. It is not over for him.
Hillary’s sworn statements to the FBI have proven to be false, and this is considered to be perjury. Under Oath, she has lied numerous times. The Department of Justice has told Chaffetz it is reviewing information and will take appropriate action as necessary.

In at least four separate occasions during a marathon appearance before the House Select Committee on Benghazi, the lawmakers alleged, the former secretary’s claims were at odds with what the FBI has now discovered to be the truth about her private server.

“Although there may be other aspects of Secretary Clinton’s sworn testimony that are at odds with the FBI’s findings, her testimony in those four areas bears specific scrutiny in light of the facts and evidence” provided by FBI Director James Comey, Reps. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) and Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) told the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, Channing Phillips. Goodlatte leads the Judiciary Committee and Chaffetz runs the Oversight Committee.

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56 thoughts on “Chairman Of House Oversight Committee Says They Are Ready To Bring Charges Against Hillary.

  1. Jason Chaffetz had better up his life insurance policy. He better not fly anywhere and he better have someone with him at all times. We don’t want him to commit suicide by drowning after hanging himself after shooting himself in the head and then beheading himself and then stuffing himself into a duffel bag.

    • I doubt very much they can now cover his up it’s hit MSM If they don’t charge her it will make them complicit in the crimes. The American public is now beginning to understand this bitch is a corrupt, lying creature from the bowels of hell who couldn’t tell the truth if her life depended on it. The Bush/Clinton crime syndicate is in it’s death throws and I for one would dearly love to see that bitch swinging from a rope with the rest of them.

    • I sure hope they know this backwards and forwards as hillbilly will just squirm out of it like she’s done before on everything hoping that everyone is so terrified of being Arkancided they just leave her alone.

    • The fly in the ointment is the 2/3 vote needed in the senate for conviction. The persons bringing the indictment will be charged by the Obama justice department with election tampering (it is rumored that Comey was threatened with such a charge).

  2. If it’s up to the department of “Just Us,” this will never happen. Hope STFB is right about the House bringing impeachment proceedings, but not holding my breath.

  3. What a load of shit. Chaffetz is doing nothing more than buying time for his fellow jewz, niggerz, queerz, traitorz, etc. to gather at the local synashitz awaiting rescue by the same amerischitz who followed traitortz orderz in the past…pathetic.

  4. Congress has the power to bring Hillary up on charges and prosecute her. Tens of millions of Americans are demanding she be held accountable. It is past time this happen. Enough is enough already. We are demanding action and stop the rhetoric. The evidence against Hillary, Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedine and the rest of the cabal is insurmountable. The American people will be behind prosecution action.

    • Look what happened to Dan Ronkonsky and the Senate bank….he went to jail. And other politicians have gone to jail for filching funds and traitors have gone to jail for far less than she has done.

    • They won’t do a thing based on what we say on these blogs because they don’t come. We need to get off the blogs and send “we’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore” letters to our congresscritters demanding they do their damned job and send this bitch to prison where she belongs. Either that or a firing squad. Her and her husband.

  5. I want to see Hillary answer for ALL her crimes! BUT I’m concerned about arresting her BEFORE the election. If they do, they open the door for Obama, by Executive Order, to declare an indefinite suspension of the election- or worse, he pardons her and prosecution can’t happen for those crimes. Maybe more depending on the wording of the pardon. If they wait, we risk a rigged election and she gets in and nothing EVER happens to her. What to do?

    • Actually, the better option would be to impeach her (which they can do post position) and prevent her from EVER holding a government office again. THEN indict and prosecute her for EVERYTHING! Along with Slick Willy and Chelsea, and all the many governmental (both US and abroad) persons that have been attached to their many crimes.

  6. And now we see that Comey is completely compromised by his DEEP involvement in the Clinton Foundation and the folks who gave them money. Why wouldn’t Comey admit this and recuse himself from the investigation!? So much for the lily-white reputation of the “impartial” FBI. And I’m glad Chaffetz is looking to press charges on Hillary…but they won’t stick. I mean, I WANT him to try…but if the FBI wouldn’t do it…

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  8. Without the cooperation of the FBI and the DOJ, Chaffetz had a “tough row to hoe” or a “tough ho to row,” depending upon your perspective. Greater men than him have tried and failed to bring down the Clinton Crime Family. I do wish him well though and can now place him on suicide watch or as they say, Arkancide Watch.

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