This Is The Most Important TRUTH You May Ever Face: The BENGHAZI TRUTH

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by Pamela Williams
We have been told so many lies about Benghazi, and I knew there was something more to be told. I just did not know how big it really was. It is bigger than any video or gun smuggling that Americans have heard about. It is the biggest lie and treasonous act ever committed in America’s history.
Do you really want to know the truth? The video and the article I am presenting here will stun you, and you will never be the same. You will ask yourself, what can I do. You can spread the word now. It is almost too late, as the Presidential election is a reality now. Hillary Clinton is a reality now. Don’t let her think you do not know the truth about Benghazi!
The truth is stranger than fiction. Benghazi was a botched attempt by two lost souls: President Obama and Hillary Clinton. They watched as our Ambassador to Libya was tortured and murdered; never sending help, and further concocting a story of a video that upset the Muslim Nation.
None of this was true, as the real truth is they arranged a October surprise to make Obama look like a hero, and at the same time to release the leader of the Muslim Nation, The Blind Sheikh. This man is being held in prison in North Carolina as the mastermind of the 9/11 World Trade Center bombings.
They would please the Muslim Brotherhood by the release of the Blind Sheikh, and at the same time they would make Obama look like a hero before the October election.
Chris Stevens was to be kidnapped, and Obama was to turn over the Sheikh to the Muslim Brotherhood in return for Stevens. They did not count on the intervention of the Benghazi heroes who were told to stand down but went in nevertheless. They were brave men who gave their lives to save those at the Embassy.
In conclusion the truth is the Benghazi horror was a botched kidnapping attempt planned by Obama, Clinton, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Wake up, America! Get the truth out now…we have run out of time! Clinton could be our next President!

That Barack Obama had arranged with the Muslim Brotherhood to kidnap the Ambassador, and through Obama’s supposed affinity with the Muslim world, Obama would save the day and get the ambassador released.
But the Muslim Brotherhood wanted something in return.
Their beloved Blind Sheik.
This video proves the premise THE BLIND SHEIKH was apart of the Benghazi mess.

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35 thoughts on “This Is The Most Important TRUTH You May Ever Face: The BENGHAZI TRUTH

      • I did read the article. That is why I said it needs to come out in the open. IWB is not “in the open”. How many people would even consider it to be worthy of notice?

          • I don’t want to make you feel bad but your logic seems to be totally non-existent. I am merely pointing out that this info is extremely important and needs to get out into the open meaning scattered to every platform possible, not just hidden away in IWB.

          • Well, I have tweeted it, too. In fact, I tweeted it from IWB. I think we should used every forum on the Internet to spread this. I think people have lost interest in Benghazi, but things are getting ready to come out that will bring it to the forefront again. Harvey, I really believe there is a chance she could cede her position to Bernie Sanders before it is over with. I am praying for Trump to beat them. It is so good discussing this with someone who cares. I love this website.

          • Ummmm…Wake Up Call there, Harvey. The MSM does NOT ‘report’ – they read scripts prepared by their corporate owners and the Ministry of Propaganda, the White House.
            Anything resembling the truth won’t EVER make it to the MSM. 15 years of them selling the lie of 9/11. Has anything changed?

        • The only way I have of spreading this is to write, tweet, and use Facebook. Can you suggest anything else…any other means of communicating this news?

  1. Do people actually think anything is going to be done about these lies and crimes? 911 was a far bigger and immense operation, involving many people, and even though the truth IS out(or at least something that dispels the official version!) about how it happened, nothing has ever been done to punish the REAL perpetrators or investigate REAL leads. When it comes to this administration and almost every one before it, the name of the game is coverup. When it comes to “enemies” of US administrations, the name of the game is “disclosure”, even when said disclosure is pure BS! In other words, the people throwing around the wild accustations have alot more to cover up than their accused people that they “expose”.

  2. Hahahahaha!!! Holy shit, this is priceless! $7mil and 8 investigations turn up nothing, but you have video proof that this was intended to be a kidnapping, planned by the President and SOS!?!?
    What kind of moronic asshat actually believes this bullshit?

    • I believe this , as the source is reputable. I actually believe that many terrorist attacks stem from this. They want their religious icon, the Blind Sheikh released. Do some research on the Blind Sheikh.

    • I guess those looking for the truth, not a tax-payer boondoggle Dog & Pony Show, which you seem to have swallowed hook, line, and sinker.
      Like Comey letting Hillary off the hook? Ring any bells?

        • My comment was made to SemperFi, with his belief that “$7m and 8 investigations” was a Dog & Pony show for the typical Amerikan idiot, such as himself – which he obviously bought, AND in support of your work

          • Personally, I don’t think ANYTHING, anymore, is too preposterous when it comes to our government. I would be far more surprised were something like this NOT true.
            For me, it’s easier to imagine and believe the worst of these people, for as I was taught long ago when my life depended on it;
            “NEVER….underestimate. Ever.”
            Because I think within the next 3 to 24 months, [your] life may WELL depend upon it.

          • Very well said. Lately I have found myself commenting on things that were so unbelievable…yet true…that I am beginning to consider this the norm. We are able to follow the people and things we never could before, so a whole new world has appeared before us.

  3. Harvey, there is no proof. This is a propaganda lie written by a liar trying to get some traction action and maybe some cash in an election year. The Benghazi Subcommittee was completely suborned through bribes and threats to be4 nothing but a character assassination factory for Hillary. This was admitted by its own members. Read Politifact insread.

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