Chamath Palihapitiya (chairman of SPCE) Interview on CNBC, Tears Apart CNBC Analysts Defending the Bailout of Hedge funds and Billionaires (Full Audio Included)

by cjl6

tl;dr: Angry brown CEO calls out Donnie Pump & JPow for propping up markets, doesn’t matter cause they can’t hear him over the BRRRRR

Article linked to interview:

Accidentally posted an older article before out of pure excitement after hearing this fucking ledge call out the fucked up shit going on within the market, all while destroying Wapner and his (actually, and not in an endearing way) retarded buddies trying to form rebuttals.

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Through all the pain watching all of our portfolios go up in flames the past few weeks, this motherfucker came in and spoke for all us and really put a smile on my face.

Here is a soundbite of the interview, if you enjoy it I added a link to a google drive file of the full audio. It’s a little long, but I promise it’s worth listening to. This mf was spittin.



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