Recover your losses by reporting JPow’s market manipulation to the SEC

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by quantize_me

What is market manipulation? According to the SEC:

Manipulation is intentional conduct designed to deceive investors by controlling or artificially affecting the market for a security. Manipulation can involve a number of techniques to affect the supply of, or demand for, a stock. They include: spreading false or misleading information about a company; improperly limiting the number of publicly-available shares; or rigging quotes, prices or trades to create a false or deceptive picture of the demand for a security. Those who engage in manipulation are subject to various civil and criminal sanctions.

Now JPow with his money machines is clearly engaging in the manipulation technique known as ramping. He is executing a large number of buy orders in debt securities that are artificially inflating their prices above actual value. His purchases also have a cascading effect of inflating equities above actual value, helping him and his fraudster friends on Wall St unload their worthless equities well above their fair value.


The SEC awards whistleblowers 10-30% of the funds recovered from successful litigation. Usually the amount won in litigation is some large fraction of the amount that the manipulator received by defrauding investors. Since JPow has injected trillions of dollars into his illegal ramping scheme, you may expect to see an award between 1 billion and 100 billion dollars. This amount is probably much more than you lost on your autistic FDs. You can submit your complaint here:

May the Brrrrrrrr be ever in your favor.

Edit: How to fill out the complaint form:

-Tick “Market Manipulation,” “Pump and dump scheme”

-Paste in the following or write your own text to describe JPow’s illegal conduct:

The Federal Reserve Board has taken unprecedented action to purchase debt securities beginning with 1) expanded repo operations and treasury repurchases on 03/03/2020, 2) investment grade bonds, commercial paper, mortgage backed securities, and IG corporate bond ETFs on 03/30/2020, 3) junk grade bonds and junk bond ETFs on 04/09/2020. This multi-trillion dollar purchasing action has had the result of pushing up the prices of these securities AND the share prices of companies whose debt is being purchased. The illegal ramping caused by this purchasing is now allowing many of the Fed’s cronies on Wall St to unload their shares of debt and equity securities at prices well above their fair value. Funds and investors that are currently short the market are losing money as a result of this ramping and in the near future retail investors and pension funds will be caught holding the bag when the value of securities drops to reflect the -30% growth of US GDP this year.

-Tick the loss button and enter the amount you got boned on FDs. You can still submit even if you didn’t lose money.

-Conduct began on 03/03/2020

-Learned about conduct through publically available information.

-Taken any action? Other. “Made shitty memes

-Next page: Either person “Jerome Powell” or entity “Federal Reserve Board of the United States”

-Next page: Debt securities, “All of them”

-Next page: Submit with your name to get money or anonymously.


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