Chaos in Mexico BREAKING footage

This influx of illegal migrants is opening us to invasion
AKA globalization as a part of the leftist and globalist agenda.

There is NO will on the left to stop it. HC had promised,
if elected, to dissolve our borders within 6 months.
This agenda was taken up by the Democratic Party
and now, with hundreds of thousands of illegals coming
each month, they will continue to overwhelm our housing
and labor markets. Our medical system and social services
are also stressed and the streets of major cities are choking
with homeless, all the while, the left/Dems chant, “LET

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We are in a civil war. Right now it’s being fought in the
social media and in the halls of Congress. Add to this an
influx of illegals bent on violence and Americans will begin
to see that the tactics used to bring down Europe and
France will only destroy our country.