Charts For A Baffling World: Frappuccino Shock

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So you’re driving to work, obsessing about how much it just cost to fill the tank of your SUV and how much it sucks to have to return to the office after a year of working at home in your jammies, when you pull into the Starbucks drive-through to order your usual, only to find that the price is up, again.

You try to be zen about life’s sudden complexity, and keep repeating to yourself that this inflation thing is temporary. But damn, that java chip frappuccino has been costing more for, like, a year now.

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frappuccino shock

Even though gas and coffee are what really rankle since they occupy so much of your new normal day, you’ve been hearing about how much more expensive food has become in general.

frappuccino shock

You’ve also been hearing about other things that you didn’t even know had prices, soaring for unexplained reasons. Ammonia, for instance. Is everyone cleaning their windows all of a sudden?

frappuccino shock

And coal. Didn’t solar power make coal obsolete back in the 2000s? Guess reports of its death were exaggerated.

frappuccino shock

CNN keeps blaming everything on “the ports.” Which doesn’t make sense but is really no more confusing than any of the rest of it.

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frappuccino shock

The only thing that does make sense – and really the only consolation in the mess that is your life – is that your stocks are way up. You recently saw a chart – in a very pretty shade of blue – showing that stocks are as high by whatever measure the chart makers were using as ever in history. That’s good, right? At least you can count on Tesla.

frappuccino shock





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