Chat GPT is selling cars…

Car shopping from the comfort of your home could soon become easier with the help of immersive, interactive digital showrooms powered in part by ChatGPT, the groundbreaking generative AI platform.

Why it matters: With their newly introduced “metaverse” dealerships, Fiat and Kia both hope to revolutionize the car-buying experience.

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  • The two automakers are also among the first companies to identify practical business applications for ChatGPT.

Details: The Fiat Metaverse Store, unveiled in January at CES, was developed in collaboration with Microsoft and software firm Touchcast.

  • Customers don’t need a VR headset, an avatar or specialized hardware to access the immersive store. It’s all integrated into Microsoft Teams.
  • They’re able to interact virtually with a human or artificial “Fiat Genius,” who can answer questions about Fiat’s cars in real time with ChatGPT’s help.


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