Check out who’s funding David Brock’s CTR Troll Farm

Here’s a partial list of who are funding these campaigns.

Remember when David Brock created his own troll farm to Correct the Record on reddit and social media

In early 2016 he targeted his army of shills to go after Bernie supporters online with a $1 million budget. He has since restructured to better hide his troll farm and has received over $40 million more in funding.

From April 2016,

Citing “lessons learned from online engagement with ‘Bernie Bros,’” a pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC is pledging to spend $1 million to “push back against” users on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Instagram.

Some Bernie Sanders-supporting users on Reddit already started to notice the changes on Thursday afternoon.

“This explains why my inbox turned to cancer on Tuesday,” wrote user OKarizee. “Been a member of reddit for almost 4 years and never experienced anything like it. In fact, in all my years on the internet I’ve never experienced anything like it.”

Watson previously worked at Brock’s Media Matters for America, where “their whole mission is to debunk conservative misinformation [and] a lot of that ends up being defending Hillary Clinton,” but says she’s never seen anything like this initiative.

“Usually places like MMFA and CTR are defending her against the media and established figures. This seems to be going after essentially random individuals online,” she said. “I don’t know that they’ve done anything like this before.”

“Pritzker family, American family prominent in business and philanthropy during the later 20th century.

The family’s fortunes began with Abram Nicholas Pritzker (b. January 6, 1896, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.—d. February 8, 1986, Chicago), who was the son of a Ukrainian Jewish immigrant who had come to Chicago in 1881 from Kiev. Abram Nicholas graduated from Harvard University with a law degree in 1920 and then went to work in his father’s law firm (later known as Pritzker & Pritzker). He and his brother, Jack Nicholas Pritzker (b. January 6, 1904, Chicago—d. October 30, 1979, Chicago), left the firm in 1936 to try their hand at commerce, investing in real estate and small companies, particularly around the Chicago area. The family fortune quickly grew, and they managed to protect their profits from heavy taxation by putting the money into a number of trusts. Abram Nicholas also became a philanthropist on a large scale, helping establish the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago and giving several million dollars annually to other causes.

The Pritzker business empire continued to expand under the direction of Abram Nicholas’s sons, Jay Arthur (b. August 26, 1922, Chicago—d. January 23, 1999, Chicago), Robert Alan (b. June 30, 1926, Chicago), and Donald Nicholas (b. October 31, 1932, Chicago—d. May 6, 1972, Honolulu, Hawaii). In 1957 they bought the Hyatt House hotel in Los Angeles and built this investment over the years into a chain of more than 150 Hyatt hotels in the United States and abroad. Jay and Robert specialized in buying financially troubled companies and rejuvenating them into profit-making enterprises. By the mid-1980s the Pritzker family owned significant real estate holdings and hundreds of companies and subsidiaries, including the Hyatt Corporation, Royal Caribbean Cruises, and Ticketmaster (sold 1993). Their largest business interest was the Marmon Group, a diversified holding company whose businesses included Wells Lamont (gloves), Trans Union (credit reporting), and interests in construction, transportation, and water treatment.

In 1979 Jay expanded the family’s philanthropic work by endowing the Pritzker Architectural Prize, which includes a $100,000 award. In the early 21st century Forbes magazine estimated that the family’s wealth exceeded $15 billion.”


“Stryker was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He is the youngest grandchild of Homer Hartman Stryker, founder of the medical supply company Stryker Corporation. Jon’s father, Lee Stryker,[2] died in an airplane crash in 1976.[3]

Stryker earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology from Kalamazoo College in 1982.[4] He now serves on the college’s Board of Trustees[5] and was the recipient of the college’s 2010 Distinguished Service Award.[6] He also has a Master of Architecture degree from the University of California at Berkeley.[7]

Stryker is a registered architect in Michigan and is president of Depot Landmark LLC, a development company specializing in the rehabilitation of historic buildings.[8]

Stryker is a founding board member of Greenleaf Trust, a privately owned bank in Kalamazoo, Michigan.[9]

Stryker serves on the Board of Directors for the nonprofit Friends of the High Line,[10] a private partner organization to the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation that funds virtually all of the High Line park’s maintenance and operations through private contributions.[11]

In 2017, Stryker joined the board of trustees of The Museum of Modern Art in New York City.[12]”


Of note: “In 2010, after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Sussman donated the use of his private jet to transport medical supplies to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.[36]”


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Lot of money for a congresswoman.



“Beyond his philanthropy, Silberstein has been an major political donor, giving widely to sway both federal elections and also politics in his home state of California, including contributions for ballot campaigns.”



“The Anti-Trump”

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It says funded in the tweet. Is Correct The Record still operating? Apparently the website went offline in December 2016

*heh you can actually buy the domain now


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