Chief NATO Says to Seize the Opportunity to Absorb Finland and Sweden

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by Chris Black

NATO head Jens Stoltenberg just announced that Finland and Sweden desiring to join NATO  is “a historic opportunity we have to seize.”

If these people are not trying to destroy Russia, then why are they trying to expand all up on Russia’s borders? 

If they are not trying to destroy Russia, then why do they exist post-1991 anyway?

The only reason there is a “war” in the Ukraine in the first place is that the country’s Jewish leader was saying he was not only going to join NATO, but also put nuclear weapons on Russia’s border

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So this is what they do – they come up on you, doing all of these aggressive actions, saying they are going to destroy you, then when you respond they start claiming to be a victim.

NATO cries out in pain as they strike you.

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