China communist party just decided to null and void term limits to keep Xi in power. Davos summit must have been much more successful in their aim to prop China up as the new leader for the NWO than I thought.

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I’m guessing they are going to claim that the risk of Russia interfering in an election is too risky at this point.
So…what the hell. Let’s just keep Xi in power indefinitely…
China continues to set the bar in how to truly establish a dictator-run surveillance state that aligns with the globalists NWO agenda…let’s give them all a round of applause.
Well, that didn’t take long. China pushes back against criticism of keeping Xi in power. Including removing posts on social media.
Now, the real question is…just how critical will the media be? Will they find a way to spin this as being necessary for “global stability”?
h/t AIsuicide

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