China fires SIX WARNINGS to US Navy in South China Sea ‘This is China…LEAVE IMMEDIATELY’

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10:19, Fri, Aug 10, 2018

The US Navy P-8A Poseidon jet was flying at 16,500 feet to get a view of low-lying coral reefs that have been turned into garrisons with five-storey buildings, large radar installations, power plants and runways sturdy enough to carry large military aircraft.

During the flight that was giving journalists from CNN a rare look at the islands, the crew was warned six times by the Chinese military to get out of their territory. A voice said: “US military aircraft, this is China … leave immediately and keep out to avoid any misunderstanding.” Each time the aircraft was challenged the US Navy crew’s response was the same.. “I am a sovereign immune United States naval aircraft conducting lawful military activities beyond the national airspace of any coastal state..

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