When Liquidity Vanishes, ALL Markets Will Crash! This Is An Indisputable 100% Fact

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Do you see the potential danger when the central banks control liquidity, and that we just look back in history and see that they keep drying up liquidity over and over? They keep doing it but I guess we shouldn’t worry because “This time is different”…

Liquidity is what keeps this fiat system afloat. Without constant and never-ended monetary injections, the markets will decline. Velocity is very important because of the way they have designed this debt based monetary system. To constantly enrich the few at the expense of the many. Currency, as in current, must always flow and not remain stagnant, or the entire financial system comes to a halt.


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Liquidity Crunch Is the New Bubble Gripping Credit Investors – Bloomberg


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Get Ready for a Massive Government Spending Spree – Nextgov


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Saudi Arabia is selling off its Canadian assets as row intensifies, report says



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