Chinese ships surround Taiwan. Taiwan on full military alert

Chinese fleets have fully surrounded Taiwan . Taiwan has placed its military on full alert and defence minister say they are fully prepared to defend Taiwan from Chinese Invasion. Waiting for Taiwans Ally the USA to make a statement. Trump may have to cancel 4th event to direct the war.

USA deploys 2 carrier groups to support Tiawan.

USS Nimitz to defend Taiwan.

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By Ryan Browne, CNN
Updated 9:49 PM ET, Fri July 3, 2020

(CNN)The US Navy will send two aircraft carriers and several accompanying warships to the South China Sea in the coming days to participate in a military exercise.

The USS Nimitz and USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Groups are conducting dual carrier operations in the Philippine Sea and South China Sea,” said Lt. Joe Jeiley, a spokesman for the Seventh Fleet. “Operating two carrier strike groups in the Philippine Sea and South China Sea provides advanced training opportunities for our forces and provides combatant commanders with significant operational flexibility should those forces be called upon in response to regional situations.

“The presence of two carriers is not in response to any political or world events. This advanced capability is one of many ways the U.S. Navy promotes security, stability, and prosperity throughout the Indo-Pacific.”

Taiwan’s Defense Minister Pledges Combat Preparedness





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