CIA Exile Kevin Shipp Is Hillary Clinton’s Worst Nightmare – DOJ Standing Down?

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by Thinker

How much money did everyone take to sell out the American people to protect the thieves of the missing trillions from the Pentagon, the drugs flowing into the U.S., and the babies moving across borders? Last night Kevin Shipp laid out a damning indictment of the Clinton’s and their crime syndicate associates. Kevin joins me again to provide a recap and to discuss his predictions for what may happen next.

See also  Thanks to The Durham Report, we now know the Mueller Investigation was a sham, because the FBI knew the Russian collusion narrative was manufactured by the Clinton campaign. They were ALL in on it.

Are documents being shredded right now?

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How many more lies before Trump starts cleaning house and replacing the liars with truthers?

How many more tax dollars will Americans have to spend to be told what so many already know about those who have conspired against the sitting president of the U.S. and the people? There are good men and women in government organizations that do care and one by one they are emerging to bring the world the “REAL” truth.

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