Warning! Obama Coming To Africa W/Globalist AGENDA to Secure Deep State Assets?

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by Thinker

If you didn’t listen to the BBC interview with Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations, in the thread above, then you don’t understand or know deep state USA. They control the dark web and the world of drugs, pedophilia, and human trafficking. Africa has been the continent that has been bled to death of its, children, land, resources. One of the richest continents on the planet with the poorest people, how can that be. Most boast currency and colonialism at one time and the results of life under leadership that never left the slavery matrix. While the royal family boasts the billion dollar prince and princess, of William and Kate, that money should be used to put water wells in every village in Africa that feeds, clothes, houses, and takes care of the House of Windsor.

Africa BEWARE, Obama is coming to visit as he pushes his globalist NWO agenda down our throats. He will be in Kenya on July 16th, 2018 to open his sister’s NGO and will fly to Johannesburg, South Africa to deliver the Nelson Mandela Lecture which is one of the biggest NWO/Illuminati events on the continent. Let us not forget that in his 8 years as US president, Obama NEVER did anything to help the continent or black people in the world but was merely a puppet for the NWO agenda. In fact it was under his watch that Qadaffi was assassinated and Libya destroyed.

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Flashback 2013 – 3 Deep state US Presidents visit Africa and conduct secret meetings in the same week! What’s Up?

Why did 3 consecutive presidents of United States in the last 20 years meet up for in Africa in the week of June 26th, 2013? While they distracted the world with news of Mr. Snowden spy scandal and hijacking of presidential (Bolivia’s) aircraft’s by European Union countries, the two last presidents of United States meet up secretly in Africa with the current president Obama, under cover of some innocuous story.

Former US President Bill Clinton was apparently:

American investment in Africa is up 70 percent in 2016 . U.S. exports to Africa have surged. Iconic companies — FedEx, Kellogg’s, Google — are growing their presence on the continent. You can hail an Uber in Lagos or Kampala. In the two years since our last forum, American and African companies have concluded deals worth nearly $15 billion, which will support African development across the board, from manufacturing to health care to renewable energy. Microsoft and Mawingu Networks are partnering to provide low-cost broadband to rural Kenyans. Procter & Gamble is expanding a plant in South Africa. MasterCard will work with Ethiopian banks so that more Ethiopians can send home remittances.

These are all serious commitments. New relationships are being forged, and I’m pleased that, altogether, the deals and commitments being announced at this forum add up to more than $9 billion in trade and investment with Africa. All under the renewed African Growth and Opportunity Act by Obama/Clinton administration. Hillary Clinton didn’t win, so what happens now to the big investment the U.S. made in Africa for that slave labor and sweatshops like Haiti? Trump is protecting anyone who wants to keep the slave labor of people of color and sweatshops for profits alive. How long before military bases are abandoned and given to the homeless all over the world. Change is coming.

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Obama; “We want Africa as a booming, growing, thriving market, where we can do business, where you’ve got a young population that is surging. And although this will be the last time I participate in the U.S-Africa Business Forum as President, I think you should anticipate that I will be continuing to work with all of you in the years to come, and I know that Penny has done a great job in working to institutionalize these efforts. And when we’ve got great partners like Mike Bloomberg and the Bloomberg Foundation involved in this, I have no doubt that this is just going to keep on growing, and we’re going to look back and say, we were on to something.”


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