Look Where The Obama’s Are – Lifestyle Changes Looking For New Lives & Dollars

by Thinker

The free ride is over and the living high on the taxpayers of America is in the past for the Obama’s. While they were in the White House, the promises, had Obama fulfilled them might have prevented the present day lifestyle. It would seem there were some who didn’t think there was even a remote possibility that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t win. Many thought that they way of life as it was would just continue on without many changes…WRONG! The first thing that happened when the winner for the White House was “SHOCK” around the world and for some joy and other fear.

Fear of the truth!

Fear of no more free money!

Fear the free loading government agencies will be axed by Trump!

Fear of losing all their wealth!

Fear of what family and friends are going to think!

Our thoughts, words, and actions are a choice we as individuals get to make and we will reap what we sow. It is written. Give and do what you want to be returned tenfold. How many friends do the Obama’s have now that Hillary Clinton didn’t win? From Air Force One, to a small private plane and a small four wheel drive. Obama has downsized and the lifestyle has taken a severe cut as the world now can see what he has sown and the harvest is in. Since leaving office, now Obama has a family and wants to share them by helping his half sister open a youth center in Kenya.

No fan fair, because the the people of Kenya know about broken promises. Most of the time when you see a little African girl or boy, they are smiling even in their poverty stricken villages. Look at the children that surround Obama at the center, they don’t look happy at all. One very small girl looks angry and hurt as she stares right through Obama as he try’s to speak to her. Eight years in the White House and jet setting around the world and he puts a youth center so far away from a populated area, there won’t be many kids.

Daily Mail:

Photos and stories sell on the Daily Mail, so whose making money with a photographer? A good way to always have the picture you want, by staging it. Obama’s selling photos for extra money?

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Family ties! Obama arrives in his father’s native Kenya for low-key trip to launch sports center founded by his half-sister. Former US president Barack Obama arrived in Kenya on Sunday, the country of his father’s birth, his first visit to this East African country since leaving office. Obama is in Kenya to help launch the sports and training center founded by his half-sister, Auma Obama, through her foundation Sauti Kuu.

In Nairobi, Barack met President Uhuru Kenyatta at the official residence, according to Kenyatta’s Twitter account. Barack’s visit to Kenya is low key, unlike his previous visits where he electrified thousands of Kenyans who lined the streets to see him when he was a senator in 2006 and then as president in 2015. No one even cared that he was there. Obama getting back from the people of Kenya all that he gave to them while he was in the White House. They were shunned and now he more or less has been shunned by his own. How do you move money? Open up a school in Africa…ask Oprah. Why didn’t she put one on the South Side of Chicago? It would been more money going in than coming out? Poor Black girls or boys in Chicago don’t matter and Obama showing them where his money is going. What did Michael Jordan give back to the city besides a stadium? Shoes? Between the three of them, don’t you think they would have put up a food pantry for families with kids, or a tempera y shelters for single mothers? History is now showing the world who people really are, by what they have done with their lives.

The people that supported him in Africa so he could be a U.S. Senator didn’t come out like they did when they first believed what he told the was the truth. No honor in lies and no pride inside is why this man has to hide. Just look how the people of Kenya admired him and now that admiration has turned to bitterness, as with many Americans who realized he lied for money and votes. Promises broken…

The Creation of the Biggest Illusion in the History of the United States. Obama and deep state punked the world, but the Trump “Drain the Swamp” has everyone scattering. The people of Kenya believed just like Americans.

(26 Aug 2006) 26 AUGUST 2006, KISUMU, KENYA:

1. Zoom in of Barack Obama departing from plane.
2. Mid shot of Barack Obama entering vehicle.
3. Close up of Barack Obama in vehicle.
4. Wide shot of Barack Obama leaving airport.
5. Mid shot of Barack Obama arriving at his home in Kisumu.
6. Mid shot of Barack Obama and Prime Minister Raila Odinga.
7. Close up of Barack Obama.
8. Pan from school children welcoming Barack Obama with song and dance to Barack Obama applauding.
9. Mid shot of banner reading, “WELCOME HOME SENATOR OBAMA”
10. Wide shot of crowd waiting for Barack Obama to arrive.
11. Mid shot of crowd waiting for Barack Obama to arrive.
12. Wide shot of Barack Obama arriving as he waves at the crowd.
13. Mid shot of Barack Obama being escorted by security to sit down.
14. Wide shot of Barack Obama sitting down at his welcome party in Kisumu.
15. Mid shot of Barack Obama.

Who is Michell Obama hanging with for ride and return favors? JayZ and Beyonce who were guests many times to the White House embracing the Obama’s. Where are all the White people that used to want to be around them? No money? All gone?

Queen Bey’s biggest fan? Excited Michelle Obama lets loose at Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Paris concert with the former First Lady dancing up a storm next to Tina Knowles

Michelle Obama has been spotted letting loose at Beyonce and Jay-Z’s concert in Paris with the former First Lady dancing up a storm. Mrs Obama and her 17-year-old daughter Sasha were among the famous faces in the crowd as they watched the power couple take to the stage for their On the Run II tour on Sunday night. Michelle and Sasha were snapped in the stands at the Stade de France by several excited fans before Beyonce and Jay-Z took to the stage. But when the duo’s concert kicked off, Sasha was no where to be seen and Michelle was spotted mingling with Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles instead.

Michelle Obama blasts Trump’s ‘birther’ record

First lady joins Clinton on campaign trail as she calls for Trump to be held accountable for his record and for voters to put an ‘adult’ into the White House. Was Obama really an American? If not, then every executive order and bill is null and void. Patriot Act!


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