Clinton Foundation Files $16.8 MILLION Loss

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The numbers don’t lie, Hillary’s name is poison

Hillary Clinton’s name is pure poison and no one in their right mind wants anything to do with her.

This is evidenced nowhere more in the fact that the Clinton Foundation has gone from turning over a revenue of almost $400 million in 2013, to actually LOSING almost $33 million since Donald Trump wiped the floor with Hillary in 2016.

Newly released tax records show that the foundation reported a loss of almost $17 million in 2018, to add to the net loss of $16.1 million the previous year in 2017.

The numbers don’t lie.

shows how when a clintoon was in office – the money flowed in

now – why give her or him anything? – no purpose to it and “charity” was never the objective

shows there was pay to play –

h/t Black H@t


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