Clinton Global Initiative – Ties To Sex Slavery/Mind -Control Cult – Tentacles Spread To Libya.

by Ruby Henley

This is a very long and detailed article.  The tentacles reach all the way to Libya, as the Clinton Global Initiative is involved.  Parts are difficult to believe, but they are all true. You will see many familiar names and some that are not so familiar; nevertheless, they are rising players in this world.

A recent arrest was made of someone I had never heard of, and as I watched an interview he had given to a young woman, I failed to sense the evil that has been unveiled to me.  That protective quality is one of a charismatic and actually brilliant personality. But just as Lucifer was created by God and more beautiful than all the angels in heaven, he became an evil manipulator of mankind.

Thus, I compare this cult leader to Lucifer as he is both brilliant and evil.  In the interview, this man spoke many words I agreed with, and I asked myself how such an intuitive and seemingly kind person could do such things as I have discovered.  I realized that just as a snake in the grass is a beautifully patterned creature slithering by a flower, he is a deadly killer.


Keith Raniere, was arrested by federal officials in Mexico.  He had fled there with several young women he had been associated with in his organization, NXIVM.  According to federal officials, Raniere was charged with sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, and conspiracy to commit forced labor.  However, that is just a small part of the story.

It has been stated that Raniere had known in the past his connections at the top protected him from arrest.  Numerous complaints had constantly been reported on Raniere, but law enforcement failed to act. He literally got away with murder;  in fact, there are some who say he actually did.


This is just my opinion,  but as you will see his connection to Clinton, you may have the same thought I did.  During the time Clinton was Secretary of State and her run for President, Raniere may have bought his protection;  however, now that Trump is in power, Raniere has no protection.

(A side note, as I want to cover every aspect of this story, the entity QAnon predicted this arrest.  This is the indicator I have been waiting for that tells me Q is, in fact, legitimate and one of the White Hats.)

Female followers of Raniere have confessed they were forced to have sex with him, because they feared if they did not do so, compromising material they had provided about themselves would be released to the public.  One of the demands that Raniere made of his victims was that they provided some type of compromising material to him before joining his harem.

Please remember that Raniere used hypnosis, mind-control, and terror tactics on his victims.  These women or even men first joined his organization to experience “self-empowerment” and to learn how to better cope with life.  Most were wealthy, and their lives lacked meaning, and Raniere preyed upon their insecurities. He knew exactly what they wanted to hear.  NXIVM describes itself as a “self-help” organization, of course, denies it is a cult.

Raniere demanded obedience from his followers, who refer to him as “Vanguard.”  He asked that the women be very thin, and they were forced to lose drastic amounts of weight.  I would liken it to anorexia, as there were reports of hair loss and health problems.

The group is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, as it labels its courses as ones that are “designed to bring about greater self-fulfillment by eliminating psychological and emotional barriers,” while one former member described the horrific, scarring, initiation process.  Basically, you are looking at the same process used by pedophiles in grooming their victims. In fact, some reports say Raniere was, also, a pedophile.


A young woman reported she was told to undress and lay down on a table where other members restrained her arms and legs. They were instructed to say, “Master, please brand me, it would be an honor,” before a doctor used a cauterizing device to “sear a two-inch-square symbol below each woman’s hip.”

We are going to switch gears here, and I want to share a report from 2007 by the “New York Post.”

“On March 14 and April 13, records show, more than a dozen contributions poured into Clinton’s coffers from NXIVM, an executive and group-awareness training organization led by Brooklyn-born Keith Raniere, 47.

Most were from first-time political donors, each giving the $2,300 maximum.

Three of the March and April Clinton pledges came from Raniere’s most high-profile followers: Seagram heiresses Clare and Sara Bronfman, and Pamela Cafritz, daughter of D.C. A-listers Buffy and Bill Cafritz.

Hillary isn’t the only Clinton NXIVM officials are attracted to.

At least three of them – group President Nancy Salzman and the Bronfman sisters – are members of Bill’s charitable organization, the Clinton Global Initiative. Membership is by invitation only and requires at least a $15,000 donation per person for one year.”


Below is a member list from the Clinton Global Initiative from 2007.  You will the recognize names, and it should chill you to the bone. One name stands out:  Clare Bronfman. Clare was also a part of the NXIVM organization, and she financed the Raniere cult.


The Bronfman sisters play a huge role in this story, as they both were associated with Raniere and NXIVM.  Further, this is where I want to bring in Libya, as the Bronfmans are involved in Libya, and do not forget who said, “We came, we saw, he died.”  Hillary Clinton will forever live in my mind with those words ringing loudly in my head. She wanted Libya, and she got Libya. Now sex slavery is rampant there, as war brings homeless children, and homeless children are prey for the sex/slave industry.


I need to give you some background on the Sara Bronfman.  She is the US/Libya Chamber of Commerce President, and she explains on CNN about the role women will have in the newly formed democracy.  She was interviewed by CNN in 2012.

However, she plays a much larger role in Libya, as her husband is a new and rising leader there.  This is a huge and shocking story. Remember her sister, Clare sat on the board of the Clinton Global Initiative, and they were both members of the NXIVM organization.  In fact, they financed this organization or cult being the billionaire heirs to the Seagram fortune.

The following has been taken from

“Basit Igtet is a native of Benghazi, east Libya, born into a tribe of around just ten people – hardly a base of support for him! East Libya is a region of many Libyans of Egyptian, Greek or Turkish descent. Some of these Easterners supported the foreign invasion and war on Libya in 2011, causing Libyan patriots to regard these particular easterners as being from another planet. They certainly do not wish to be ruled by them or their foreign masters.

Igtet’s late father was a radical leader of Islamic extremists – although Basit denies this. But his father’s extremist activities soon caught the attention of Libya’s then leader, Muammar Gaddafi, and his Jamahiriyah government – which always took a zero-tolerance stance to any kind of internal terrorism. Particularly when those trying to subvert the Libyan state were doing so on behalf of foreign and Zionist agendas.

Basit Igtet ran off to Switzerland. He lived in exile for over 20 years – but he chose Switzerland for a very specific reason. For it was here that Igtet found his fathers’ embezzled millions. This is how Basit Igtet built his company and became a multi-millionaire by the age of 45 – although he would have you believe a quite different story.

Now he is using that same money to self-promote and buy himself a ticket to the ballot box – despite being a long-time ex-patriate with a complete lack of any national security experience. He is little known inside of Libya itself and, indeed, few people have heard of him outside of Libya either!

Whilst in Switzerland, he joined with the wealthy Zionists and become a devout worker for Zionism. He seized his opportunity, when it came, to make the Jewess Sara Bronfman his girlfriend and later his wife. She is a daughter of a man who – until his death – was one of the world’s richest and most powerful Zionists, thanks to an empire based on trading in booze.

Once he has cemented his position as leader of Libya, Igtet intends to announce Libya’s full recognition of the ‘state of israel’ – and to allow ‘israel’ to set up a military base in the Green Mountain region of Libya… He strongly espouses the Western and Zionist agenda of capitalism and free markets.”


So you can see the Raniere cult connecton from the Bronfman sisters, Clinton, and all the way to Libya.  Is it not rich to hear Sarah Bronfman talking to CNN about the role women will play in Libya? All the while she knows the role she and her sister have played as women in world politics.  They have financed a demonic cult leader, worked with the Clinton Global Initiative, and now have their hands in Libya with the plan to exploit women and the pitiful people in Libya.


There is something I want to mention here that I ran across while researching for this article.  It is connected to Libya and George Soros. It has been taken from the following link:

“Libya: Soros behind “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) as a form of Global Governance

Soros fingerprints on Libya bombing

Leftist mastermind puts up big bucks to erase borders


Posted: March 23, 2011

By Aaron Klein © 2011 WorldNetDaily

Philanthropist billionaire George Soros is a primary funder and key proponent of the global organization that promotes the military doctrine used by the Obama administration to justify the recent airstrikes targeting the regime of Moammar Gadhafi in Libya.

The activist who founded and coined the name of the doctrine, “Responsibility to Protect,” sits on several key organizations alongside Soros.

Also, the Soros-funded global group that promotes Responsibility to Protect is closely tied to Samantha Power, the National Security Council special adviser to Obama on human rights. Power has been a champion of the doctrine and is, herself, deeply tied to the doctrine’s founder.


According to reports, Power, who is married to Obama regulatory czar Cass Sunstein, was instrumental in convincing Obama to act against Libya.

The Responsibility to Protect doctrine has been described by its founders and proponents, including Soros, as promoting global governance while allowing the international community to penetrate a nation state’s borders under certain conditions.


Libya regarded as test of global doctrine

The joint U.S. and international air strikes targeting Libya are widely regarded as a test of Responsibility to Protect – which is a set of principles, now backed by the United Nations, based on the idea that sovereignty is not a privilege, but a responsibility.

According to the principle, any state’s sovereignty can be overrun, including with the use of military force, if the international community decides it must act to halt what it determines to be genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity or ethnic cleansing.

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The term “war crimes” has at times been indiscriminately used by various U.N.-backed international bodies, including the International Criminal Court, or ICC, which applied it to Israeli anti-terror operations in the Gaza Strip. There has been fear the ICC could be used to prosecute U.S. troops.

An organization calling itself the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect is the world’s leading champion of the doctrine.

Activist Gareth Evans, who sits on the global group’s advisory board, is widely regarded as the founder of the Responsibility to Protect principle.

Soros’ Open Society Institute is one of only three nongovernmental funders of the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect. Government sponsors include Australia, Belgium, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, Rwanda and the U.K.

Board members of the group include former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, former Ireland President Mary Robinson and South African activist Desmond Tutu. Robinson and Tutu have recently made solidarity visits to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip as members of a group called The Elders, which includes former President Jimmy Carter.

Annan once famously stated, “State sovereignty, in its most basic sense, is being redefined – not least by the forces of globalization and international co-operation. States are … instruments at the service of their peoples and not vice versa.”

During his tenure as Australia’s foreign minister, Evans served as co-chair of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty, which invented the term “responsibility to protect.”

In his capacity as co-chair, Evans also played a pivotal role in initiating the fundamental shift from sovereignty as a right to “sovereignty as responsibility.”


Evans presented Responsibility to Protect at the July 23, 2009, United Nations General Assembly, which was convened to consider the principle.


Soros: Right to ‘penetrate nation-states’ borders’

Soros himself outlined the fundamentals of Responsibility to Protect in a 2004 Foreign Policy magazine article entitled “The People’s Sovereignty: How a New Twist on an Old Idea Can Protect the World’s Most Vulnerable Populations.”

In the article, Soros said “true sovereignty belongs to the people, who in turn delegate it to their governments.”

“If governments abuse the authority entrusted to them and citizens have no opportunity to correct such abuses, outside interference is justified,” Soros wrote. “By specifying that sovereignty is based on the people, the international community can penetrate nation-states’ borders to protect the rights of citizens.

“In particular, the principle of the people’s sovereignty can help solve two modern challenges: the obstacles to delivering aid effectively to sovereign states, and the obstacles to global collective action dealing with states experiencing internal conflict.”


Evans sits on multiple boards with Soros, including the Clinton Global Initiative.

Soros is on the executive board of the International Crisis Group, a “crisis management organization” for which Evans serves as president-emeritus.

WND previously reported how the group has been petitioning for the U.S. to normalize ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, the main opposition in Egypt, where longtime U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak was recently toppled.

Aside from Evans and Soros, the group includes on its board Egyptian opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei, as well as other personalities who champion dialogue with Hamas, a violent offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

WND also reported the crisis group has also petitioned for the Algerian government to cease “excessive” military activities against al-Qaida-linked groups and to allow organizations seeking to create an Islamic state to participate in the Algerian government.

Soros’ own Open Society Institute has funded opposition groups across the Middle East and North Africa, including organizations involved in the current chaos.


Power pushes doctrine

Doctrine founder Evans, meanwhile, is closely tied to Obama aide Samantha Power, who reportedly heavily influenced Obama in consultations leading to the U.S. president’s decision to bomb Libya.


Evans and Power have been joint keynote speakers at events in which they have championed the Responsibility to Protect principle together, such as the 2008 Global Philanthropy Forum, also attended by Tutu.

In November, at the International Symposium on Preventing Genocide and Mass Atrocities, Power, attending as a representative of the White House, argued for the use of Responsibility to Protect alongside Evans.


With research by Brenda J. Elliott

(3) Obama says R2P (Responsibility to Protect) is basis of Libya intervention


White House fellow founded Soros-funded military scheme


Doctrine cited by Obama as justification for bombing Libya


Posted: March 31, 2011

By Aaron Klein © 2011 WorldNetDaily

TEL AVIV – A White House fellow served on the advisory board to the commission that founded the military doctrine “Responsibility to Protect,” used by President Obama as the main justification for U.S. and international airstrikes against Libya.

As WND was first to report, billionaire philanthropist George Soros is a primary funder and key proponent of the Global Centre for Responsibility to Protect, the world’s leading organization pushing the military doctrine.

Also, several of the doctrine’s main founders sit on boards with Soros.

Annan once famously stated, “State sovereignty, in its most basic sense, is being redefined – not least by the forces of globalization and international co-operation. States are … instruments at the service of their peoples and not vice versa.”


Obama cited doctrine multiple times

In his speech Monday, aside from his direct citation of the “responsibility” doctrine, Obama alluded to the doctrine four more times.


The following are relevant excerpts from his address:

  • In this effort, the United States has not acted alone. Instead, we have been joined by a strong and growing coalition. This includes our closest allies – nations like the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Turkey – all of whom have fought by our side for decades. And it includes Arab partners like Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, who have chosen to meet their responsibility to defend the Libyan people.
  • Last night, NATO decided to take on the additional responsibility of protecting Libyan civilians.
  • To brush aside America’s responsibility as a leader and – more profoundly – our responsibilities to our fellow human beings under such circumstances would have been a betrayal of who we are.
  • The task that I assigned our forces – to protect the Libyan people from immediate danger, and to establish a No Fly Zone – carries with it a UN mandate and international support. So would the costs, and our share of the responsibility for what comes next. .


(4) Hillary says she’ll institutionalize R2P (Responsibility to Protect) in the State Dep’t


2008 Presidential Candidate Questionnaire


Our 2008 Presidential Candidate Questionnaire, or PCQ as we call it in-house, is part education material and part questionnaire for the candidates.

  1. Will you work to operationalize the “Responsibility to Protect,” an emerging international norm, in response to humanitarian crises around the world? How?:


Yes. In adopting the principle of the responsibility to protect, the United Nations accepted the principle that mass atrocities that take place in one state are the concern of all states. It is essential that the new Secretary General of the United Nations begin to bridge the gap between these words and the institution’s deeds through a series of reforms intended to operationalize this concept. I am also committed to seeing that the United States and other economic and militarily capable states and organization take steps to bolster UN action.

As President I will adopt a policy that recognizes the prevention of mass atrocities as an important national security interest of the United States, not just a humanitarian goal. I will develop a government-wide strategy to support this policy, including a strategy for working with other leading democracies, the United Nations, and regional organizations. I will authorize my Secretary of State to institutionalize atrocity prevention into the work of the State Department, and I will direct my Secretary of State to strongly support the mission and activities of the office of reconstruction and stabilization, which plays an increasingly critical role.”

As you can see it is all justified by the Powers That Be.  The Libyan takeover was carried out, Ghaddafi was removed, tortured, and murdered to the laughs of Hillary Clinton.  All the while, she and her buddies planned and schemed to steal Libyan gold, exploit the Libyan people, and begin to take over the world.  Of course, the United Nations and George Soros helped to justify their “responsibility” to rape Libya as part of their world agenda.

Now, Sarah Bronfman is married to an Islamic leader, who plans to rule along with those who exploited Libya from the beginning:  Clinton, Obama, Soros, and the United Nations. The web spreads all over the world, and that is why they call it the New World Order.  Shocking, isn’t it?


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