Clown World Economy

by Chris Black

Layoffs, bankruptcy, and recessions are now bullish indicators because it means The Fed must set the printers on ludicrous speed.

As we saw with AMC, Hertz, and GameStop, not having a valid business plan and losses as far as the eye can see can put your stock 16x the previous all-time highs.

You could have nearly quadrupled your money if you bought Revlon stock last Thursday. Who would have thunk bankruptcy could be so profitable?

I keep telling people: ignore the economic ‘news’, ignore the political rhetoric, ignore chart analysis.

In fact ignore Powell and everything he says; only look at what the Fed actually does.

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Four months in since stimulus was supposed to end and nearly two months since the balance sheet was supposed to drop off, one thing is clear: the Fed is still printing.

This is the only chart to watch.

The Fed is lying:


And they will print more going into the month end to make sure the feel good wealth effect is intact for  “fuck yeah” fourth of July.



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