Clown World: The Hague Issues “Arrest Warrant” for Vladimir Putin

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by Chris Black

Wait, what? Is this real?

The ICC is not a real court and has no enforcement ability, but the implication here is that if Putin goes to any kind of international conference in Western Europe, he could be kidnapped by special forces or whomever and put to trial.

If this is the way the West is functioning now – if they are declaring the leaders of countries they are opposed to “criminals” and then threatening to arrest them – then no one should ever do any kind of business with them, because they are unhinged and simply cannot be trusted.

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Countries like India and Saudi, which used to be solid US allies, have been slowly backing away ever since the US escalated this war against Russia. The sanctions were insane and totally unprecedented. Now they’re saying they’re going to arrest individual politicians, because they’ve unilaterally declared them to be ontologically evil?

It’s utter madness.


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