The Absolute Madman! “Russia is not our enemy” “They’re turning us into a third world country”

by Chris Black

As much as I dislike Trump for obvious reasons, he’s the only mainstream politician who still has balls.

It will take a public apology for Operation Warp Speed for me to vote Trump in 2024.

His presidential addresses were always kino, but after the 2020 steal was allowed, it’s impossible for a non-mainstream Republican to ever become president.

The feckless left elected Joe Biden, who was:

-the Delaware Senator for 38 years, which is the US capital for shell corporations, money laundering and tax evasion

-the Senator that authored the 1992 Crime Bill, which imprisoned hundreds of thousands of black men for low level crimes

-the Senator that authored the 2005 bill (which went into effect right before the 2008 financial collapse) cementing the impossibility of discharging student debt in bankruptcy (this was also to harness the cosigner’s wealth, as well) and which led to the foreclosures of tens of thousands of first time homeowners

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-the Vice President that oversaw mass illegal immigration and refugee influx, increasing numbers of H1B visas and outsourcing of manufacturing jobs from 2008-2016

So, the poorest, least productive and neediest people in the nation have handed the reins of the country to the very architect of their poverty, inequality, imprisonment, and indebtedness.

The left is either utterly blinded by hate or just plain stupid.

You are about to witness inequality the likes of which you have never seen before.

The wealth transfer scheme operated by the Federal Reserve Uniparty has only increased due to the pandemic.

The Federal Reserve Uniparty is now buying anything that isn’t nailed to the floor for pennies on the dollar or holding assets as collateral for emergency loans to desperate businesses.

And the left is so brainwashed that they actually think they’ve won.


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