CNN Jim Acosta Jealous Because He Thinks He Should Be Where Sarah Sanders Is?

by Thinker

History shows the truth and that’s all the president of the United States, Donald Trump has been delivered. It’ all the ones that have called him out that are now being found to be the liars, and most of all one reporter from CNN that continues to do his best to bash and put down anything Trump. CNN, that has a history and has been caught printing fake stories has openly been called out in public nationally and internationally for printing fakes stories and misquoting him. Now the president won’t even answer the questions of that particular news agency, and it is his right. Trumps press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has had to put up her defense every time CNN Jim Acosta opens his mouth, in what seems to be a need for attention.

Not only is Sarah Huckabee Sanders one of the best press secretaries ever, she has held her own against the attacks of CNN’s Jim Acosta who is showing the American people his true content of character. Maybe the U.S. isn’t a good place for him to live, since he seems to have a problem with its current president and staff. Acosta isn’t happy, but is loving the camera time. When will Trump stop the assault on his press secretary, by media that has no respect for him or his staff?

Could it be the Mr. Acosta is jealous of Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

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Dec. 2017 – Exchange between White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders & CNN’s Jim Acosta (C-SPAN)

CNN Jim Acosta is taking every opportunity to get in front of a camera when it comes to putting down anything Trump. CNN’s Jim Acosta made waves this week when he complained about his experience at a Trump rally in Tampa, Florida, saying he felt like he “wasn’t in America anymore.” But it didn’t stop there. Acosta questioned White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, asking if the media is the enemy of the people—but she stood her ground.

March 2018 – Jim Acosta Complains “Third White House Presser in Row with CNN Not Called”


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