Colonial Africa, 1940’s, Foundation That Shaped the Continent & Enslaved the People

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by Thinker

British Colonial map of the world. Commentary- ” People of Britain are responsible for the well being of 60 million people ” . Thanks to the African people, Kings, Queens, royals, and those that oversee their African interests. The foundation is the support and what is built on top if it show what kind of leadership it has had. What could have been didn’t happen, because of greed. Difficulties of managing an Empire are expressed. Montage of empire and the colonies. White man with pith helmet with native fisherman. White men in pith helmets with natives. More good commentary on Empire. Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika now Tanzania – herdsmen with cattle, women till the earth, Masai (Massai) tribal dancing at night around a bonfire, men jumping individually and altogether, carrying wood, ” British rule has brought peace ” tribal warfare reduced since the British rule. House building, large building site and hydroelectric station, harbours, bridges, medical services, dockers, clinics, maternity centres, white nurses tend babies.

Africans…the lab rats for medical research and bioweapons?

Research centre for tsetse fly. White doctor and black assistant. Laboratory in the field. Sleeping sickness vaccination programme. People arrive by boat, have blood tests, fly posts, children at a feeding station. White doctor with black children, hide production, agricultural education, work on soil erosion, cattle moved to new pastures. White colonials with tribal elders.

Know history!

Know the Truth!

Why do African children have to pay to go to school, when they can’t even feed themselves?
Don’t want them to learn how to think for themselves?

Why does every nation in Africa have multiple oil wells, but the villages don’t have water wells in the middle of each one?
Africans might just grow gardens and feed themselves, elimination nonprofit profiteers!

Why don’t African children get multiple vaccinations like children in the U.S. and U.K.?
One or two a time keeps the wheels spinning round and round and government checks rolling in.

Who is responsible for the stravation, destruction and the current status of Africa today?
Not the Africans!

The white man came to Africa as missionaries and explorers but were soon sitting on a table dividing Africa amongst themselves. Here’s a peep into how Europeans looted Africa of it wealth and sovereignty…


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