Comey Flipped?

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Comey did Flip!  Why all the distraction from Dirty DC, because Comey flipped and is singing like a bird!

Comey loves his corrupt friends so much, that as Director of the FBI, he was never in it to protect us fellow Americans or our own Country, he was in it to enrich those close to him. Comey would never flip on a one of his buddies. But something must have happened to have him turn on his own “buddies”.

Comey knows their dirty secrets, he knows the extent that they will go thru to push their evil, vile, satanic, corrupt, treasonous agenda and he stood by their side all these years.  We fought so hard to get our voices heard and he did not care at all.

According to our DOD Insider, Comey is working with the DOJ and will take responsibility for his actions.  Comey has said it went “All the way to the top”.  We all know what he means by this statement.

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Imagine the truth bombs Comey is sharing with the DOJ.  He is spilling his guts right now!

To further confirm the reliability of our source, this person has shared that something very big was going to happen.  To be prepared.  And days after this person shared that information, ISIS Leader, Bahgdadi was killed and we learned the caliphate was taken down.  This source further shared to be prepared and we are beginning to see the havoc occur in some parts of our country, such as California.—confirmed-by-dod-insider

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