COMING SOON? Hostilities between China/Taiwan or N Korea/S Korea cause global markets, global economy and global financial system to meltdown with Martial Law implemented everywhere

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by mark000

World leaders – especially Putin and Xi – know the global economy is toast and all the optimism regarding mild recession, inflation about to plummet, fed stops hiking is fantasy. So get ready for more war to give everyone some foreign baddies to blame for it all………..
When? 4Q22 else 1Q23 IMO.
by Niall Ferguson

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The Four Mysteries of Pelosi’s Troublesome Taiwan Trip: Tensions over the island haven’t been this high since 1996, and a visit by the House speaker could push China to the brink.

Xi understands that a Chinese invasion of Taiwan would be a riskier undertaking than the Russian invasion of Ukraine. On the other hand, he knows that Taiwan is much less of a “porcupine” than Ukraine when it comes to self-defense. He knows that supplying Taiwan with arms would be far harder for the West than supplying Ukraine. He knows that the economic costs of imposing sanctions on China would be higher for the West than imposing them on Russia. And he knows that a protracted war over Taiwan would be even more disruptive to the global economy than a protracted war over Ukraine.


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