Common Sweetener, Stevia, has Sterilizing Properties

by Chris Black

Wow, hold your horses, what do you mean sterilizing properties?

Joke aside, basically everything in our environment has sterilizing properties, ranging from stevia to all that crap they put in processed foods, including soy, microplastics and the like.

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One may say it’s part of a plan, because there are too many cohencidences.

“A South American weed, Stevia rebaudiana, has traditionally been used by the Indians in Paraguay as a contraceptive. Each day the women drink a cup of water in which the powdered weed has been boiled.” —Contraceptive Properties of Stevia rebaudiana | Science (1968)


 (”A study conducted on prepubertal male rats showed that chronic administration (60 days) of a Stevia rebaudiana aqueous extract produced a decrease in final weight of testis, seminal vesicle and cauda epididymidis. In addition, the fructose content of the accessory sex glands and the epididymal sperm concentration are decreased. Stevia treatment tended to decrease the plasma testosterone level, probably by a putative affinity of glycosides of extract for a certain androgen receptor, and no alteration occurred in luteinizing hormone level. These data are consistent with the possibility that Stevia extracts may decrease the fertility of male rats.” —Effects of chronic administration of Stevia rebaudiana on fertility in rats | Journal of Ethnopharmacology (1999) (



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