Confused Uncle Joe Strikes Again

Joe Biden and his radical administration have once again put their feet in their mouths. In case you missed it, Uncle Joe nearly set the international stage on fire after stating the United States would use military force to defend Taiwan given a Chinese invasion.

The Biden administration scrambled quickly to put the genie back in the bottle by pulling the whole “What the president meant to say was…”

Too little, too late.

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Biden’s weak foreign policy is emboldening our enemies now more than ever, and his solution is to take us to the brink of WWIII (again)? We must fight back against these leftists to save America. But we need your help to continue to tell the truth.

While President Oatmeal for Brains was causing chaos with his word vomit in Asia, mothers and fathers are still searching for baby formula as supply chain and production issues continue to put the health and well-being of society’s most vulnerable at risk. Diesel shortages and rationing loom large, threatening the supply chain of the entire east coast.


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