Conspiracy Theorists Are Wrong!!! … Even When They’re Right!

The following video was produced by The Corbett Report

I have said it many times in the past – The alternative media has ALWAYS been far ahead of any supposed “journalists” in the mainstream.  We are proven right consistently, so much so that it is sometimes astonishing to people outside of the liberty movement.  Yet, we almost never receive any credit for our correct analysis or predictions in the public sphere.  In fact, when it is undeniable that we called it before the media did, they tend to double down and continue to call us “conspiracy theorists”.

There are many reasons for this:  For one, the MSM cannot acknowledge our accomplishments because it reveals how obsolete they are.  Two, if they admit we are right about one thing, they have to then consider the possibility that we have been right about other things, or many things.  Three, in some cases the establishment media actively seeks to suppress information until it is too late for the public to respond to it in any practical way.  Sometimes they are simply ignorant of reality, but other times they are serving a deeper agenda and they know it.  They might acknowledge an alternative news source a decade down the road, but only when the story is no longer all that relevant.  The truth can’t be hidden forever, it has ways of getting out there, but if it gets out there 10 or 20 years down the line, the people that might have cared at the time have moved on.

Modern journalism is about gate-keeping, not integrity in reporting.  The fact that they never admit when they missed the boat on a story showcases this clearly.  The alternative media has been smashing the mainstream media because we aren’t hindered by a refusal to examine information based solely on whether or not the source fits our politics.  If the source information withstands scrutiny, then it should be reported.  Period.  It does not matter who the messenger is, only that the message is the truth.

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James Corbett examines a fascinating instance of the Alternative Media scooping the MSM.  They admit it, and then still call us conspiracy theorists.  Is it willful ignorance, jealousy or agenda?


Brandon Smith, Founder of Alt-Market


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