Conspiracy Theory: Why the Media is Suddenly Obsessed with ‘Hate Crimes’ Against Asian People

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The theory:

The Chinese Communist Party has instructed the media to
turn ‘hate crimes’ against Asian people into a major issue.

Why? If criticizing Asian people incites violence, then the
end result is to create an atmosphere where criticizing the
Chinese Communist Party is considered inciting violence
against Asian people.

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Very simple. Very reasonable ‘conspiracy’ theory.

Very effective planning by the CCP, if the theory is

Making it illegal/socially-unacceptable to criticize the CCP
is the goal.

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Blaming White people for the ‘hate crimes’ is just a bonus.

Now, when you see this happening in the media, you can
understand what you’re actually witnessing, assuming the
conspiracy theory is accurate.



h/t dr0id


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