ABC News: Illegal Immigrants are Pouring Across the Border From Around the World Due to Joe Biden Being Elected

Honeymoon Over: Media Just Proved This Is A Biden Self Made Border Crisis

The media can no longer cover up the Biden administration’s failures handling the migrant crisis at the U.S. border with Mexico. It’s not that the establishment media agrees with the successful border policies of President Trump, it is that Biden has botched their long-desired rollback of Trump’s policies so thoroughly and incompetently they feel betrayed and are lashing out.

ABC News’ Martha Raddatz reported from near the U.S.-Mexico border in a clip that aired on Sunday and featured an interview with an unidentified “asylum seeker” crossing from Mexico to the United States illegally. The migrant told ABC News that he would not have made the trip had former President Donald Trump been in the White House.


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