CONTAGION: Is The NEXT Financial Crisis Now Upon Us?, Released on 8/10/18

OOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Why remembers this? “Collateralized Debt Obligations – CDO’s?” Well guess what…they still exist as well and have gotten MULTIPLES LARGER than which existed in 2007-8. NOTHING was ever “fixed.” It is all a time bomb just waiting to go off…again.


WAR generates more cash than ANY OTHER HUMAN ENDEAVOR-Period. Who finances it? The Banks-who never lose. Why do you think that RIGHT NOW America is now engaged in more military operations/deployments than ANY OTHER NATION ON EARTH? People.. WAKE UP.

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L@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@K. Remember CDS? (Credit Default Swaps), which nearly crippled the world in 2007-8? Well the issues now developing with the European Banks has the potential to relive that entire event but now to a MUCH greater degree.


Here is something to think about. Turkey is a NATO ally and IS in crisis. Is a bailout coming via the Fed? ECB? The American people? Was this “crisis” engineered to simply set up a reason to borrow? Do not be surprised…. I said it first.


IMF Turkey bailout being talked about. That means YOU, via The Fed. Will be financing another bailout OF A COUNTRY. I knew this was a set up to simply create an excuse to borrow. Thank you…


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