One man’s suffering has exposed Monsanto’s secrets to the world — Company’s own records revealed damning truth of glyphosate-based herbicides’ link to cancer

A jury in San Francisco recently awarded a man dying from cancer caused by Monsanto’s Glyphosate-laden products, $289 million.

DeWayne Johnson, the man who successfully sued Monsanto is a 46-year old father, who was has been fighting Hodgkins Lymphoma the last couple of years, made history by finally tying Monsanto’s glyphosate to cancer in a court of law.

There is a much larger trial that is currently underway against Monsanto in Oklahoma, with more than 4,000 plaintiffs for the very same reason, that Monsanto’s products gave more than 4,000 Americans cancer.

Monsanto has a laundry list of terrible things it has done to American consumers and farmers.

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It is nice to see this dying man get some justice from the court of law though.

A lot of farmers and regular people, tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands have been screwed over by Monsanto, and never seen any justice in a courtroom.

via theguardian:

It was a verdict heard around the world. In a stunning blow to one of the world’s largest seed and chemical companies, jurors in San Francisco have told Monsanto it must pay $289m in damages to a man dying of cancer which he claims was caused by exposure to its herbicides.

Monsanto, which became a unit of Bayer AG in June, has spent decades convincing consumers, farmers, politicians and regulators to ignore mounting evidence linking its glyphosate-based herbicides to cancer and other health problems. The company has employed a range of tactics – some drawn from the same playbook used by the tobacco industry in defending the safety of cigarettes – to suppress and manipulate scientific literature, harass journalists and scientists who did not parrot the company’s propaganda, and arm-twist and collude with regulators. Indeed, one of Monsanto’s lead defense attorneys in the San Francisco case was George Lombardi, whose resumé boasts of his work defending big tobacco.

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