Contractor awarded $156 million to provide 30 million meals to Puerto Rico only delivered 50,000

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So an Atlanta entrepreneur and government contractor named Tiffany Brown who owns a company called Tribune Contracting got a $156 million contract through FEMA to provide 30 million for meals for Puerto Ricans, who are dealing with the horrific aftermath of Hurricane Maria, yet delivered just 50,000.
This leaves a shortfall of 29,950,000 meals for Puerto Ricans who are in desperate need of them.
Also, this contractor just pretty much pocketed I’m going to ballpark, say $152 million of taxpayer funds, after not delivering on the service that they promised.
There’s going to be a lot of shady fuckery surrounding this Hurricane disaster relief after 2017 hammered the US, so we have to keep our eyes peeled for people like Tiffany Brown who are looting taxpayer dollars.
A similar scandal occurred a few months ago when a company called Whitefish energy which had just 2 employees at the time, was given a massive, many tens of millions of dollars, contract to restore electricity in Puerto Rico, which they did not follow through on.
6th time she’s been terminated from a gov’t contract for failing to meet quotas.
She’s just a plugged in psycho. The folks who keep awarding her the contracts are 1000% on the take & deserve to be quartered.

A contractor who was awarded a massive contract to provide millions of meals to Puerto Ricans affected by Hurricane Maria drastically underdelivered, according to a New York Times investigation.

Tiffany Brown, an Atlanta entrepreneur and self-described government contractor who owns Tribute Contracting LLC, was awarded the $156 million contract by FEMA on Oct. 3 to provide 30 million self-heating meals to Puerto Rico, but only followed through on 50,000.

Brown, the sole employee of her company, hired an 11-person wedding catering company and a Texas nonprofit that had shipped food to a Houston food bank during Hurricane Harvey to provide the meals.

But Brown’s contract was terminated by email on Oct. 19, after Brown failed to meet a deadline of providing the first 18.5 million meals. She had only delivered 50,000, according to the Times.

Carolyn Ward, a FEMA official who handled the contract with Brown’s company, wrote in an email to Brown, seen by the Times, that the operation was “a logistical nightmare.”

“Do not ship another meal. Your contract is terminated,” Ward wrote.

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