Grassley Memo Unredacted – Clinton Bought Trump Spying

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Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Grassley Memo Unredacted – Clinton Bought Trump Spying, 2038
Synopsis: This morning we reported that this evening would be the deadline given the FBI by Sen. Charles Grassley to remove most of the redactions the Bureau performed on he and Sen. Lindsey Graham’s criminal referral against former British spy Christopher Steel.
Well, what do ya know; they actually did it. Sean Hannity read the 7-page, mostly un-redacted memo. Here’s some of it.
Keep in mind, this is less than a year ago. Trump had been president for almost 60 days then and these guys were still getting FISA warrants to spy on him via this weak connection through Carter Page who worked as a foreign policy advisor to candidate Trump, but resigned in Sept. 2016. He never even worked in the White House.
Again, this is June of 2017 – last June the FBI was still getting permission to surveil the President. No wonder there were all these leaks of verbatim transcripts of Trump’s presidential conversations with world leaders!
Then, a panel of experts consisting of reporter Sara Carter, Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett, and former Presidential national security advisor Sebastian Gorka deciphered the meaning of this brand new information.

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