Contrary to Neocon War Propaganda there is ZERO evidence of Assad ever using chemical weapons on his own people

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by Ian Shilling

Contrary to the US Neocon completely fake and fabricated war propaganda there is ZERO credible evidence of Assad ever having used chemical weapons against his own people. This includes the gas attacks (or alleged gas attacks) in August 2013, April 2017 and April 2018, which were all false flag attacks staged by US backed Jihadi Extremists (see the following links and evidence).

Regarding the August 2013 Ghouta false flag, it has been categorically proved that the shells which contained the Sarin gas could only have been fired from rebel held areas, because of the range of the improvised rockets used in the attack.

This was confirmed by people like MIT Professor and chemical weapons expert Theodore Postol

According to Pulitzer award winning journalist Seymour Hersh a plot was carried out by members of the Obama Regime and  Turkey to set up a false flag gas attack with the Jihadi Extremist Terrorists who controlled Ghouta and then blame Assad for the murders.

Seymour Hersh: The Red and the Rat Line

The terrorists who controlled Ghouta didn’t give a jot about deliberately murdering hundreds of civilians in order to get US military support. That’s what terrorists do.

The BBC deliberately fabricated an entire story, using crisis actors to try and give credibility to the ridiculous claim that Assad had done the most stupid thing he could possibly do by using chemical weapons in a suburb of a Damascus right before a team of UN Weapons Inspectors was due to arrive to investigate the various alleged instances of chemical weapons usage.

James Clapper told Obama in early September 2013 that the Sarin used in the Ghouta gas attack in August 2013 was not of the same type as in Assad’s stockpiles:-

Neocons Left Red Faced Over Red Line


The UK Parliament had voted against a mass bombing campaign against Assad and for al-Qaeda on the pretext of a false flag operation

Congress had been flooded with thousands of angry phone calls demanding that the US not bomb Assad for the benefit of al-Qaeda type terrorists

And several pictures of US Servicemen with signs saying “I didn’t join up to fight in the Syrian War for al-Qaeda” went viral

Obama put his tail between his legs and did not put the matter to a vote in Congress and called off the planned mass bombing attack against Assad which would have murdered at least tens of thousands of innocent civilians.

Obama knew he would have lost this vote and he didn’t want to go it alone without a Congressional vote because he knew it was so obviously a False Flag and he would so obviously be supporting the same type of terrorists who the US accused of hijacking 4 planes on 9/11 and murdering 3,000 people in New York.
The same type of people with the SAME ideology as the US is supposed to be fighting (the fake) “War on Terror” against.

As a sop to Obama’s extreme embarrassment at having to drop his plans for even more Mass Slaughter and War Crimes in Syria based on nothing but lies, Vladimir Putin offered Obama a get out.

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Putin even managed to get an Op-Ed published in the New York Times in early September 2013, which is well worth reading for anyone who wants to understand the truth about the ongoing Neocon Wars.

What Putin Has to Say to Americans About Syria

The get out that Putin offered Obama was for him to persuade Assad to give up all his chemical weapons stockpiles. Syria had produced chemical weapons stockpiles decades ago as their only realistic means of defense and deterrence against an invasion of Syria by Israel.

Also contrary to Neocon War Propaganda Assad has never gassed his own people and enjoys a very large degree of support in Syria which Assad doesn’t want to jeopardize. At least 80% of Syrians prefer Assad to the US/UK/Saudi/Israeli backed Jihadi Extremists who want to set up an extremist Caliphate, impose strict Sharia Law and massacre anyone who isn’t a Wahhabi extremist.

Statement by the former leader of the terrorists in Ghouta

The terrorists in Ghouta, Jaish-al-Islam (or Army of God) have a long history of putting non Wahhabi prisoners, including women, in cages to use as Human Shields. They wouldn’t hesitate for a second to murder hundreds of prisoners to stage a False Flag attack if they thought it might get the US to stupidly intervene militarily (as presumably the Saudi government and the new Crown Prince MBS who fund them, had recently told them).

Syria is currently a secular country, where minorities like Christians, Druze and Alawites have enjoyed a peaceful co-existence with moderate Sunnis for centuries. Syria also has the most freedom and greatest women’s rights of any Arab country in the Middle East or North Africa (except perhaps for Lebanon which the Neocons also want to destroy as part of their insane PNAC war plans for chaos, carnage and perpetual war in the Middle East).

Assad agreed to the offer of eliminating his chemical weapon stockpiles in the forlorn hope he wouldn’t be blamed for any more False Flag terrorist attacks by the US/UK/Saudi/Israel backed Jihadi extremist terrorists. That it was a forlorn hope can now be seen from the False Flag attacks staged by the Jihadis in April 2017 and April 2018. The Neoocons are inveterate liars and always have been, and the Terrorists have no qualms about murdering hundreds of innocent people in cold blood for a tactical gain.

Assad’s stockpiles of chemical weapons were delivered to a US ship to be  destroyed, under US and UN supervision. The OPCW signed off that Assad had delivered all of his chemical weapons for destruction in mid 2014.

The victims of the terrorists are usually minorities or moderate Sunnis who don’t want to live in a barbaric medieval country like Saudi Arabia with no Civil Rights and women are treated as slaves and chattels.

Most of those killed in the US/UK/Saudi/Qatar initiated Syrian War have been:-

Members of the government’s Syrian Arab Army (around 150,000)

Civilians murdered by terrorists in government held areas (or executed as “apostates” in recently captured previously held government territory) – around another 150,000

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Jihadi extremist militants (around 100,000 with about half of them foreigners)

Kurds (fighters and civilians) killed by ISIS and American bombs in the battle for Kobani etc. (unknown number but tens of thousands)

Civilians killed by Assad’s government forces and their allies in the fight to defend Syria against the US/UK/Saudi/Israel armed and backed invasion of ISIS and al-Qaeda supporting terrorists (estimate 50,000 to 80,000).

Many Christians have been murdered in cold blood by the Terrorists. The Christian Orthodox Church in Syria all support Assad – see the following 2 links (which also explain some of the real reasons the US & UK Neocons are waging a war in Syria and why the Russians intervened militarily in September 2015):-
Syrian Christian leader tells West: ‘Stop arming terror groups who are massacring our people’

The alleged Sarin gas attack in April 2017 was a staged False Flag by al-Nusra terrorists supported by staged, faked and fabricated videos and pictures by the Jihadi terrorist White Helmets, who are the media propaganda arm of al-Nusra and other al-Qaeda related terrorist groups.

US Intel 100% know that Assad did NOT use chemical weapons in Idlib, so what’s Trump’s Game?

Even Mattis recently admitted there’s no evidence of Assad ever using chemical weapons

The victims of the latest False Flag attack in Douma, Damascus are likely to have been Alawites captured by the terrorists in Ghouta and used as human shields (or expendable cannon fodder as part of their terrorist operations).

See this excellent report on the latest terrorists False Flag operation in Douma, near Damascus:-

Last Terrorists of Douma: Jaish-al-Islam, White Helmets & SAMS Collaborate in Latest Massacre of Civilians

N.B. Wikipedia, which contains a 100% false account of the Ghouta Sarin Gas Attack in August 2013 and the Syrian War in general – basically copying the corrupt and lying Corporate media, is completely controlled by Western Establishment interests. Considerable sums are spent by governments and Corporations to manipulate and censor the contents of Wikipedia to put Western governments and Corporations in the best possible light they can get away with.

Wikipedia contains lots of outright lies and extreme bias and is therefore an unreliable source for any serious researcher (though it can be used as a first step if the contents are then researched / checked / verified against other more independent and honest sources that are not paid for by mega Corporate interests, governments or Oligarchs).

For more information on the real reasons why the US & UK Neocons started the War in Syria (and the reasons for Russia’s military intervention in September 2015) see this

CNN, WaPo, NYT, Fox News, NBC or BBC etc. are NEVER going to tell you the real reasons for America’s wars. They have never done so in the past – so why would anyone think they are suddenly going to start telling you the truth now?


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