CorbettReport NWNW: Bilderberg (important links to new info of past meetings), CIA spy card game leaked and more.

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CorbettReport: New World Next Week discusses Bilderberg’s increasing vagueness regarding actual information available to the public from the meetings.

Why don’t they want us to know what’s actually discussed? Why don’t they want us to know who said what at these meetings? What do they have to hide from us?

As mentioned in the video…the Bilderberg website has gone back and filled in some of the blanks on past years agenda lists.

I’m guessing this will help some of us put some pieces together as far as their agendas and timelines of completion of those agendas in regards to meetings of the past.

Too bad we don’t have the actual recordings or transcripts of those past years meetings…it would be much easier to understand where many get their talking points from.


h/t AIsuicide


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