Coronavirus cases ‘will surge in their thousands by NEXT WEEK’ and three ‘critical’ weeks were lost in containing the spread because CDC tests failed

Dr Matt McCarthy, who works at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, says coronavirus cases will surge into the thousands by next week He also claims he doesn’t have the tools to properly care for patients because of the lack of coronavirus tests being made available to hospitals.

Health officials have been scrambling to get their own coronavirus testing kits up and running after getting stuck with faulty tests from the federal government.

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Scott Gottlieb, who is the former FDA commissioner said three critical weeks were lost in trying to contain the spread of coronavirus in the U.S. because of the faulty tests.

It comes as New York Gov Andrew Cuomo confirmed on Sunday that a healthcare worker in her 30s was the first confirmed case in the state.

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The total number of U.S. cases has now soared to 89 as authorities confirmed that the first two people had died in Washington state after contracting coronavirus.


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