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Naw, not Hillary and AOC, but their financial (Hillary) and ideological (AOC) friends, the Russian government and Russian oligarchs.

via strategypage:

Opinion polls show that most Russians accept corruption as a basic element in Russian culture and unlikely to be eliminated any time soon. Most Russians also complain that the prevalence of corruption hurts the economy and is another unpleasant aspect of life in Russia. While the government makes a big deal (lots of publicity) about anti-corruption efforts it is widely understood that when some major government official (usually a former official) is arrested and charged with corruption there is more to the story than that. First, the official is probably guilty as charged and the details make interesting reading. The other part of the story is generally not published and involves the details of which other senior official the “corrupt” official offended.

Read the whole thing. Snicker, shake your head.

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