Could The Power Outages Of April 21, 2017 In San Francisco, New York, and in New Jersey Possibly Have Been Terror Related?

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by Pamela Williams
I am in acceptance at this time that the power outages of April 21, 2017 in San Francisco, New Jersey, and New York were terror related.  Think about this first and foremost:  San Francisco’s power supply is controlled by Pacific Gas and Electric, most of Los Angeles is controlled by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power while other areas are controlled by Southern California Edison and much of New York City is controlled by ConEdison.
In other words, the power systems of the three cities, all of which are either far or very far from one another are not connected in any way.
This leaves only two logical possibilities and one illogical possibility, which incidentally is the one that the mainstream media is running with.

It would be both foolish and dangerous to rule out terrorism. There is every possibility that foreign or domestic terrorists managed to either digitally hack-in or covertly penetrate crucial equipment that controls the electricity in three major US cities. There is also a real possibility that a combinational of digital and physical hacks were employed.
Perhaps the terrorists too were doing their own ‘drill’ to see how much chaos they could inflict with their devious tactics.

According to a purported official document describing the operation (pdf file), put out by FEMA, Operation Gotham Shield will do the following:
The purpose of GS 17 is to evaluate the whole community effort to prevent, protect from, respond to, and plan initial recovery after the effects of an Improvised Nuclear Device attack using established exercises to achieve objectives in the relevant mission areas and capabilities.
GS 17 will assess regional and national incident management and incident support capabilities, to include pre- and post-nuclear device detonation and recovery.
If this drill is currently ongoing, then it also raises the distinct possibility that the mass blackouts which have affected major US cities could be simulated EMP (electromagnetic pulse) effects which would occur in the case of a nuclear detonation.
At any rate, there is enough suspicious US government activity occurring simultaneously at the moment for false flag watchers (or just anybody with common sense) to remain vigilant.

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4 thoughts on “Could The Power Outages Of April 21, 2017 In San Francisco, New York, and in New Jersey Possibly Have Been Terror Related?

  1. NOT the first time.
    “The Metcalf sniper attack was a “sophisticated” assault on Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Metcalf Transmission Substation located in Coyote, California, near the border of San Jose, on April 16, 2013, in which gunmen fired on 17 electrical transformers. The attack resulted in over $15 million worth of damage.”

  2. F. NASA-ESA’s Int. Space Univ. Dean Prof Pelton proposes a similar to the TESTED* Laser Plasma Shield (adopted by NASA, but for …Mars!…) to REPEL all deadly space threats, as asteroids & solar superstorms that may blow up all nuclear, as we thankfully escaped in July 2012!

  3. I don’t think so. If it had been terrorism, the corporate media would have been all over pushing it. “Russia did it! We need to bomb Russia!”, “North Korea did it, we must bomb them now!”, “Iran sponsors terrorism, so we must invade Iran in response!”
    The corporate media never miss out on an opportunity to call for war, so why would they miss out on this one?
    I also don’t think terrorists would engage in a drill like this – why would they? It only tips off the authorities to what the next plan will be, and makes it easier to prevent a full size strike on the same targets.
    It also doesn’t make sense to think it’s a false flag drill (because again the media would be all over it trying to pin blame on Iran, Assad, Russia or North Korea).
    I think the most likely explanation is that they’re realizing that all their fake terror has led to a point where real people might resort to terrorism as a last resort to fight them off — so they’re starting to run some drills to see how to minimize (or exploit) chaos if something if a potential target of real terrorism were hit.
    Unlike targets that are highly symbolic but do little damage to the country at large (like, say, the World Trade Center or an under reconstruction wing of the Pentagon), those power stations are potential targets of real terrorists.

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