The Dichotomy of George Soros

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By Gabrielle Seunagal

Liberal billionaire George Soros is widely regarded as a highly dangerous individual, especially among right wingers, conservatives, Independents, Libertarians, and Republicans. Soros is infamous for his plethora of large donations to left wing, liberal causes, politicians, and protests. It is no secret that Soros backed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and contributed millions of dollars to their Presidential campaigns. Lately, many Americans have been alarmed by the notable myriad of organizations which are sponsored by Soros’ funds.


The Advancement Project, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, and Immigrant Workers Citizenship Project are just a few of many organizations in which Soros is footing the bill. All of these associations are divisive and highly dangerous to the greatness and prosperity of America. The Advancement Project aims to indoctrinate communities of color with leftist values, thus promoting the victim mentality that hinders all success and progress. The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement promotes black segregation and demands reparations from people who never owned slaves. This movement falsely paints the entire nation as racist and discriminatory towards black Americans. Immigrant Workers Citizenship Project endorses the mass migration of immigrants with no vetting whatsoever. Each of these organizations is anti-American and divisive. Soros’ flagrant support for such radical organizations has engendered many people to believe that he is working to destroy America. Quite frankly, it’s not much of a stretch. As the old saying goes, follow the money.

Many Americans have also wondered what Soros’ remarkable longevity is attributed to. Theories have ranged from superior medical care to blood sacrifices and blood transfusions/spare organs from younger people on the black market. Other people have speculated that Soros merely has healthier habits, like eating non GMO and hormone free meats, unlike most of the population. Whether Soros’ longevity is attributed to medical care or something darker remains unknown at this time. However, it can be said without doubt that Soros is incredibly dangerous. Radical left wing organizations have the capacity to wreak astronomical havoc if left unchecked.

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3 thoughts on “The Dichotomy of George Soros

  1. Your article is a rather “fake” phony piece that borders on being Soros funded…Let us look at FACTS,…Obama a Soros “chosen one”…eliminated habe

  2. George Soros does not act alone. There is a concerto of persons who buy and sell human lives as one would purchase a loaf of bread. Human life means absolutely nothing to those behind the scenes; unless of course it is their own life. The persons such as Soros come in as lambs but are ravenous wolves! “Open Society” is one of Soros’s pet projects. It sounds all warm and fuzzy with mankind of different nations living just down the street. Peace and harmony at last you say. Then citizens in the country’s effected such as much of Europe realize they have been suckered or swindled! I am talking about the Muslim population being systematically inserted throughout Europe, Canada, and the United States. Any religion which teaches in it’s literature or holy book the taking of life, murder, torture, rape, ad infinitum to human suffering is not a religion. It is an ideology! The aforementioned atrocities occur if one does not meet one simple requirement. You refuse to convert to Islam and are worthy of death because you are an infidel! One could argue not all Muslims feel this way. It is in their Holy Quran. Apparently enough feel this way to attack America as in 9/11, form an army known as ISIS, train children with AK-47s rather than children’s books, and are hellbent on world domination! They too are being used. I will get to that shortly.
    The organizations such as Open Society is a front for the “Really Big Picture”! They place the Muslim populations into nations predominately of a Christian view or no view on religion. When enough numbers of radicalized Islamic or Muslim fighters are in place the chaos begins. Soros and his evil affiliates know the Muslims cannot assimilate into nations which will not adhere to a non-infidel status. Thus the terrorist attacks, riots in European cities, Muslim ghettos,etc.. This is the purpose of evil men. To create and cause the chaos to the point of civil war or disobedience. Then the finality- their true goal- “A total collapse of their economy! Whoever controls the money controls the world!
    It has been stated by Soros and others that the United states of America stands in the way of a New World Order and a one world banking system. The great prize fought for in the 2016 presidential elections was not for a Democratic or a Republican Party to govern the states. It was in actuality “Evil vs. Good”. Barrack hussein Obama was not the American president for the past eight years. George Soros was. “The Shadow Man”! Same with Bill Clinton’s eight years. He almost had Al Gore in their but once an intervention. Almost had Hillary Clinton in there but another intervention. I call it the God or Providence factor. I also call it answered prayers. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sat down across from George Soros over dinner one evening. Trudeau agreed to take in as many Muslim refugees as could be transported into Canada. This is also with the help and assistance of the United Nations. It was in full swing with Obama in the states. With Hillary Clinton as president it would have truly became a world of an Open Society! In order for a total collapse of the world economy to occur one thing must happen. The United States of America must fall! The Soros Boys have not given up yet. Everywhere you turn another protest pops up. Another George Soros Funded Protest! Anything President Trump attempts is another paid political protest! All coming from the George Soros money. As for the Muslims who unknowingly bought into create the chaos and collapse. What do you think will or would happen to them in a “New World Order government? They are expendables. Just as the paid protesters for George soros and the misguided souls which join in for what they believe is a worthy cause when they protest. Recruitment for the minds of the youth is nothing new. Colleges and universities have been harvested successfully in socialist causes. What is surprising is the number of elderly which have bought into it also. Then again I must remember Bill Clinton came before. The Clintons, Al Gore, and Barrack Hussein Obama are merely puppets of Master Puppeteer – George Soros!

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