Could the UK be the Most Dangerous Nation on the Planet?

By Francis Marion

Does the UK currently represent the largest threat to peace, freedom, and stability in the world?

Let’s have a look at the evidence shall, we?

  1. Possesses nuclear weapons.
  2. Has POSSIBLY meddled in the election of a sovereign nation/ally and contributed to an attempted coup to thwart its results. POSSIBLY.
  3. Has engaged in a process of immigration designed to, at the very least, squeeze its native population from its traditional lands and, over a period of decades (starting in the last century) increase the level of draconian/fascistic laws governing speech and property.
  4. Routinely jails and or fines/punishes its own people for speaking out against these policies and their consequences.
  5. Has disarmed the native population so that it cannot resist this policy of cultural/physical subjugation towards its own people and aggression towards its natural allies.
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Consider that IF point #2 is true that what we are witnessing is the rise of a radical Fascist/Islamic culture/state that possesses not only weapons of mass destruction but a tremendous amount of intelligence on its western allies as well.

And when you factor in a deliberate domestic policy of destroying the culture, laws and natural rights of its own citizens does this not put the UK on par with what North Korea WAS before Kim began negotiations with the Trump administration earlier last year?

If it does then there are questions that should be answered:

  1. If it is proven that state actors in the UK participated in meddling with domestic affairs in the US then does that make them allies or enemies?
  2. If they are enemies and are moving towards a more authoritarian form of government and possess nuclear weapons then when can we expect a) economic sanctions to be levied against them and b) their nuclear capabilities to be dismantled North Korea style?
  3. And finally, if economic sanctions will not work and the UK wishes to escalate the situation when can we expect “boots on the ground” and the subsequent liberation of its native people?
  4. And finally, if the invasion of the British Isles (as a last resort), carried out by its cousins here in North America, becomes imminent will the US government accept older but eager volunteers for the mission?
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Enquiring minds want to know.


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