Court upholds $4-Million Verdict for Homeless Couple Shot by L.A. Deputies

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by Thinker

Police Officers Who Shoot First & Think Later Are What This World Has To Many Of.

Educated cops who think before they shoot is the change that needs to be made. To many uneducated policemen/women who lack the necessary mental skills to do the job of keeper of the peace. Empty minds with guns are dangerous!

A federal appeals court Wednesday unanimously upheld a $4.1-million award to a homeless couple shot by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies in a backyard shack. The 2010 shooting occurred during a search for a wanted parolee who had been spotted in the Lancaster neighborhood where the couple was staying. Angel Mendez and Jennifer Lynn Garcia, who had no permanent home, were living in a plywood shed in the backyard of a friend’s home. Garcia was five months pregnant. Sheriff’s deputies entered the main house without a warrant and:…story.html

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A police officer without any kind of college education is a man/woman who will not know anything about critical thinking. These are the officers who shoot first without thought and then when the damage has been done will start thinking. What’s wrong with police departments around the world? Stupid men/women who follow blindly to any order without thought and many times without honor or integrity. Why should it be important to hire and employee police officers with some college education? You can’t go to any college and not learn social skills just by being there and among the diversity of students. College students have to use some type of critical thinking everyday which does make a difference later on in life. There are over a million stories of police officers and their guns, that should have nation restructuring and putting in place evaluations and higher education requirements for men/women who carry guns.

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What are the results of men/women with guns and no brains? Change can’t come soon enough to save innocent lives from the bullets of the men/women with a badge.…g+peoplepl


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