Covid situation escalating in Beijing

by Jagg-

I don’t know anymore how this might affect the stocks after the madness we witnessed during the past weeks. Beware, this is highly speculative content.

I’m still in Beijing now and gyms closed their doors again, it just happened:

They reopened only about 2 weeks ago.

After an ‘incidient’ in a water park in Beijing’s suburbs Shunyi where at least 8 persons where found positive yesterday:

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you can see a timeline of how things escalated recently on

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main points:

-> (3/27 2.01am) No Foreigners In After Midnight Saturday Airlines suspended since 27th of March

-> (4/2 3.52pm) Parks Tighten Up

-> (4/10 4.39pm) Hotels Now Require COVID-19 Test

-> (4/16 9.04am) Just Wear a Mask Wearing a mask has become a law since early April

– > (4/16 9.41am) Local Transmissions Back Three local transmissions were reported in Beijing yesterday

– > (4/17 10.56am) Don’t Pop a Tent: Chaoyang Park has issued a notice that tents will now be prohibited. No picnic


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