Credit Suisse 5Y CDS exploded higher to 766bps, pricing in a probability of default of 47%, stock plunges 30%. The Saudis have said they won’t invest. Credit Suisse failure would be 5x SVB

CS is about to not be fine

Its’ Over For The Swiss Giant! You can’t miss what’s happening in Europe. Switzerland’s second-largest bank: Credit Suisse’s stock price continues to plunge (down 97% from the peak)

Credit Suisse shares slide 20% after Saudi backer rules out further assistance

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‘Credit Suisse To Collapse Next’, Says Robert Kiyosaki Who Predicted Lehman Brothers’ Fall

The financial markets across the world are once again on edge after the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank in the United States. The impact has been felt across the leading stock markets globally with banking institutions facing the threat of a cascading effect.

Reportedly, analyst and author Robert Kiyosaki, known for his bestseller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, has now predicted that Credit Suisse, one of Europe’s largest investment banks, is the next institution at the risk of collapse.

Robert Kiyosaki believes the US dollar will weaken, putting the country in “serious trouble.”

Kiyosaki, who had correctly predicted the 2008 Lehman Brothers’ collapse, cites the bond market as the root of the problem and warns of a weakened US dollar.

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