CrowdStrike head Alperovitch says himself "no hard evidence" for claims in their report

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With the hearings on Russia going on earlier comments by CrowdStrike are extremely suspect.

CrowdStrike is not sure how the hackers got in. The firm suspects they may have targeted DNC employees with “spearphishing” emails. These are communications that appear legitimate — often made to look like they came from a colleague or someone trusted — but that contain links or attachments that when clicked on deploy malicious software that enables a hacker to gain access to a computer. “But we don’t have hard evidence,” Alperovitch said.

Hold on. So you’re not sure how they got in, you believe it’s by spearphishing campaigns but you don’t have hard evidence? Seeing as CrowdStrike were the only ones who examined the DNC servers, they are the only ones who would have been able to find any evidence of such a breach but they claim not to have any hard evidence. That being said if the only people who could have found evidence didn’t come up with any then why did the government release the Grizzly Steppe report specifically citing spearphishing as the method of infiltration when there’s no hard evidence ?

Russia’s civilian and military intelligence services engaged in aggressive and sophisticated cyber-enabled operations targeting the U.S. government and its citizens. The U.S. Government refers to this activity as GRIZZLY STEPPE. These cyber operations included spearphishing campaigns targeting government organizations, critical infrastructure entities, think tanks, universities, political organizations, and corporations, and theft of information from these organizations. This stolen information was later publicly released by third parties.

Is it maybe because Grizzly Steppe has this disclaimer at the top basically saying none of this carries weight
So the CrowdStrike report has no hard evidence and Grizzly Steppe is based off of that report. Together they are the complete basis for the Russian hacking theory and we’ve just seen that there’s no evidence for any of it.
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1 thought on “CrowdStrike head Alperovitch says himself "no hard evidence" for claims in their report

  1. How did Director Comey “vet” this private organizations forensic methods and abilities in such short notice? How did he miss the companies direct ties to the Clinton Foundation and how did the FBI MISS what the media did not in exposing the ties between Clinton the Clinton Foundation and the CEO of Crowdstrike?
    Why (in the entire history of the FBI) did they not take possession of the servers THROUGH A WARRANT process to discover the criminal actions themselves and relied upon an unvetted and Clinton Foundation tied company to take and KEEP possession of said servers in CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION?
    Can you say Comey is a conspirator to commit fraud and impede a federal investigation into the felonious dissemination of classified materials by Clinton and her crime cartel? This is how you know that James Comey is a bald faced liar and needs to be immediately arrested and charged with corruption charges under the RICO act and for impeding and facilitating the obstruction of a federal probe of mishandling of classified materials by Clinton and her staff.

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