Fox News : Sessions seeks to speed up deportation of illegal immigrants in federal facilities, border crossings down 60 percent due to Trump's leadership

Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” Thursday that illegal border crossings “are down 60 percent due to President Trump’s strong leadership.”
Sessions gave a wide-ranging interview and said that the administration would look at other possible actions against so-called “sanctuary cities” after he announced this week that federal funds would be cut off to locales that refuse to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents after detaining illegal immigrants.
Not only that but illegals are self-deporting. Austin Texas is emptying out, apartments all over the city have vacancies they can’t fill (my rent is going DOWN for fuck’s sake), and no lines at the gas pumps.
Trump’s DOJ just arrested 2 Iraqi “refugee” brothers-admitted into the US by Obama-for immigration fraud. One of the brothers’ fingerprints were found in an Iraq bunker used to hold American hostages! Obama let in terrorists who literally kidnapped and tortured Americans! TREASON!
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